Monday, 4 October 2010

29 project: Days 122 - 131

It's been a funny week...I have known for a little while but didn't want to say until the cheque went in and everything was final - I have sold my beloved Lauder horse. I have been meaning to sell him for the best part of six years (yes, really!) and have only sporadically, half heartedly advertised him from time to time because I didn't really want to sell him. But now it's happened! I've been so lucky to own him for the last seven years and it's very weird not to have him now, I miss him tons.

Still, I am a very lucky lady in that every so often I will still be riding the lovely Miss Pia so I can still carry on with my most favourite of pastimes. Very lucky indeed.

Anyway, a biiig 29 project update for you today. I have been working on lots of new stuff, going out and about and generally trying to distract myself!

29 Project - Days 122 - 131...

Day 122: Tuesday 21st September - Sketching...what quality drawings I come up with at the brainstorming stage! Working on new tee designs...
Day122 - Sketchin'

Day 123: Wednesday 22nd September - More Sketching. This time the design is being sketched into photoshop so I can work on layout and colour.
Day 123 - Print design sketchin'

Day 124: Thursday 23rd September - Can you see a pattern emerging this week?! I was glued to the computer...More print design sketching, playing with layouts and sizing.
Day 124 - Print design sketchin' some more

Day 125: Friday 24th September - Grubs Up! Ah, this is good Friday evening fodder, home made ratatouille, salad, bread and beer. Yum.
Day 125 - Grub's Up

Day 126: Saturday 25th September - Thai Again! Yay! A big bunch of us went and had Thai for our friend Claire's birthday. It was delicious as usual (it's my favourite, I may have mentioned this before...!)
Day 126 - Thai Favourite again...

Day 127: Sunday 26th September - View from the King Harry Ferry. Mark and I took a trip down to Falmouth to have another dinner out (Nepalese this time) for another friend, Lisa's birthday. It was such a nice evening we decided to take the ferry. When I was a kid my brother and I used to call it the King Hairy Fairy...we were hilarious.
Day 127 - View From the Ferry

Day 128: Monday 27th September - Jewellery Trying...and photographing and measuring and getting lots of lovely new pieces ready to go in the shop!
Day 128 - Jewellery Trying

Day 129: Tuesday 28th September - So Long my Beloved Steed...Today was the day he went. A hard, sad day. I spent the whole week beforehand trying not to think about it and enjoying him. It's taking some time to get used to not having a four legged beast to look after everyday, I keep feeling like I have forgotten to do something major! Anyway, he's going to be teaching someone new all of his dressage moves, I hope he is a good boy...I didn't want to take any pictures of him leaving, so here we are at a competition last year:
Day 129 - So Long my Beloved Steed

Day 130: Wednesday 29th September - Quartz. Taking my mind off things by going to watch a dressage clinic, looking at pretty stones and conjuring new jewels...
Day 130 - Quartz

Day 131: Thursday 30th September - Cupcakes. I don't bake much (the last time was the rainbow cake attempt!) but I had the sudden urge to so made these ginger cakes. Wonky, misshapen, and varying in size, it's baking Bonbi style!
Day 131 - Cakes!

That's it for now...The 29 project will continue with October updates very soon!


Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

My cupcakes always turn out the same as yours, mishapen and wonky - but they taste yum.

Teasemade said...

That quartz is amazing it looks like there are feathers trapped in it (i was going to say a bird but then thought yet again I would sound like an oddball).