Friday, 27 August 2010

Marcel the Shell

Hello everyone... apologies for the lack of posting and project updates the last couple of weeks, they have so utterly busy!

I am currently on a bank holiday break in Brighton and will be posting lots of 29 project pics and recent work upon my return...In the meantime I leave you with this sweet video of Marcel the Shell with Shoes:

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Monday, 16 August 2010

29 Project: Days 83 - 86

A weekend update!

29 project: Days 83 - 86...

Day 83: Friday 13th August - Thankfully nothing Friday the 13th-like happened today for me! We had a Friday night in and I got on with a new's a part way peek:
Day 83 - Painting at night

Day 84: Saturday 14th August - A quiet Saturday night home alone! After exercising three horses during the day, I found myself so tired by the evening I poured myself a beer, flopped out on the sofa, and watched a missed episode of Mistresses on IPlayer...Rawk n roll, eh?
Day 84 - Mistresses

Day 85: Sunday 15th August - Dressage with Pia...We had a better outing than last time (no rodeoing, hurray!) and despite a bit of spooking at the judges box we came away with a decent score and a red rosette! (Mark took this picture for me...)
Day 85 - Dancing Pia

Day 86: Today - Monday 16th August - Big courgette. In fact, HUGE courgette. Home grown and given to us by our landlords. I made a nice dhal with it. Yum.
Day 86 - Big Courgette

Thursday, 12 August 2010

29 Project: Days 80-82...

The blog seems to be filling up with mainly 29 project based posts these days...I hope no one minds...imagine how empty it would be here without them? Ha!

This update sees some more work in progress and my most recent finished painting. I'd love to know what you think...

29 project: Days 80-82...

Day 80: Tuesday 10th August - Practice printing on a new, soft, soft cotton. I have been practice printing on the fabric for my new scarves and I am very excited about it, I can tell you! Do you recognise this print? It's from my 'All the Kings Horses' print design. Sometimes when pattern printing and experimenting I like to use my existing screens in different ways than they were originally intended, and the results are often really interesting...There's another pic on my Flickr if you want to see. (I am hoping to have the new scarves ready to debut at the Cornwall Design Fair which I am exhibiting at next weekend! There's lots to do...)
Day 80 - Practice printing

Day 81: Wednesday 11th August - All The Kings Horses. Talking of All The Kings Horses, here is my latest painting. I can't remember which came first, the print design idea or the painting idea and a flick through my sketchbook leaves me none the wiser...I shall post a proper picture of this one as soon as I have it scanned.
Day 81 - All The Kings Horses

Day 82: Thursday 12th August - today - Birds. It's a little known fact that birds used to be my 'thing' and I used to paint them allll the time, especially during my degree. The above painting has a little bird at the bottom right (see him? Hiya!). I'd forgotten how much I enjoy painting them so decided to do a few more...these guys and others will be available as prints soon! (the birdy reference book in the background here is AMAZING. I found it in a charity shop years ago and it has so many birds to look at. Brilliant)
Day 82 - Little Birds...

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Monday, 9 August 2010

29 Project: Days 77 - 79

Here's a little update of the weekend's shenanigans for was a busy but very fun one for me, I hope everyone else had a good 'un!

Days 77 - 79:

Day 77: Saturday 7th August - Monster Cake! I am going to show you two pictures for today...the first is Saturday's actual picture, a just finished monster of a cake which I spent most of Saturday afternoon making for my friend's birthday bash that evening. I don't bake often, hence the practice needed earlier in the week, but this one came out gooood. Please ignore the absolute mess I made in the cake baking process. Sprinkles EVERYWHERE!
Day 77 - Monster Cake

...and here are it's innards the morning after we gobbled half of it! I had wanted to make a rainbow cake for ages and this was the perfect occasion. It made for brilliant birthday fodder being all rainbow-like and so ginormous and I am so pleased I actually managed to bake a cake that was not only edible but enjoyably so. Ha!
Day 77 - Rainbow

Day 78: Sunday 8th August - Little Pony. An afternoon trip to Tregony Heavy Horse show was the perfect way to spend the day after the birthday celebrations...creatures galore, ice cream, carvery, beer and sunshine! (There are more pics featuring an actual heavy horse and a huge dog over at my Flickr too...)
Day 78 - Little Pony

Day 79: Monday 9th August - New Shoes! I couldn't resist these half price bargains and they arrived today. Nice!
Day 79 - New Shoes

That's all for now, apart from a little heads up to let you know that prints of my Herd painting (see here!) are now available for purchase in the one HERE!

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Saturday, 7 August 2010

29 Project: Days 74 - 76

I have completed a new painting that will soon be available in the shop! It will also be available as an archival print...

'Herd' Gouache on Wood:

I also have an update of the 29 project for you, days 74 - 76:

Day 74: Wednesday 4th August - Fashion Mate. This sewing machine is kind if on permanent loan to me from Mark's mum and it's ace. It was sold by Singer in the 1960's apparently and this particular one is still going's easy enough for me to use anyway! Lauder horse managed to break his rug so I set to work patching it up. I hope my rudimentary sewing skills last!
Day 74 - Fashion Mate
Day 75: Thursday 5th August - Cake Practice. Yes, that is bright pink sponge mix you can see, yummers! I am not very good at baking and require a practice before I make something new for an occasion...I will be posting pics of the "actual, for realz" cake soon...
Day 75 - Cake Practice
Day 76: Friday 6th August - Butterfly Remote. There are so many butterflies around at the moment. Loves them!
Day 76 - Butterfly Remote
More soon folks, have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

29 Project: Days 68 - 73

Before I crack on with what is quite a long 29 project update I just wanted to give a heads up that I have a Summertime sale time discount going for ya: Enter SUMMERYAY at checkout to receive 20% off any order over £10 until August 15th...Hurrah!

So, 29 Project: Days 68 - 73...

Day 68: Thursday 29th July - Cats and Books...I found these strange critters while having a look around the amazing house that my friends Gemma and Ben were getting married in that very same day. I found them very intriguing. We had a wonderful time and congrats Gemma and Ben!!!Day 69: Friday 30th July - Pennies. For Mark's mama's birthday dinner we went to the Bolingey Inn which is a very lovely little pub near Perranporth in North Cornwall. Mark took this pic for me as he found this curious display of coins on the windowsill in the gents...Day 70: Saturday 31st July - Beth. At a lovely barbecue with buddies I met Beth...Day 71: Sunday 1st August - Oh hello August, nice and grey. So grey in fact you have no horizon.Day 72: Monday 2nd August - Clowning! FIRES! Pyrotechnics! Poster at the local shop.Day 73: Tuesday 3rd August - Today - Carrianne. This little pony used to be mine! She is the same age as me, 29, and she is still as bouncy and naughty as she ever was. Everyone loves her to bits!