Sunday, 9 December 2007

Amelias Magazine...

The lovely folks over at Amelia's magazine have been saying nice things about the Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium in their blog!!! Click the text image below to read!!

Thank you Amelia's Magazine!!

Modern Toss

On the contrary to my previous post about Sarah Nelsons beautiful work, I just had to post about the coarse Christmas musings of Modern Toss...Several of my most beloved friends will be receiving these over the coming weeks, they made me laugh so! Click the images to see them larger...

Find these delightful cards alongside t-shirts, posters, badges and books at their site RIGHT HERE!!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Get in on the Goose Chase...

I realised it has been a while since I posted about an artist and last weekend at the Xmas Fair I picked up some cards from Cornish illustrator Sarah Nelson and thought it apt to let you know about her wonderful work!

Her images are created from a combination of traditional drawing and printmaking methods, which she then manipulates digitally to give them their unique and delicate quality.

Inspired by all things English, Nelson's work features dogs and cats, a good brew, crafts, the great outdoors by the sea and bike rides, and beautiful birds. I just love the wit in her drawing style and the unusual composition of her images!

Visit her website right HERE! To see more of this talented lady's wonderful work, and pick up some great cards and prints while you are there...

New stuff and Bonbi in Knitting

It's been oh so quiet on the blog front lately, apologies for that.

This weekend is the Portishead ATP at Minehead, and I'm missing it! Waa! I love ATP, though I can't complain having managed to get to 2 already this year...Have a super time if you are going, and raise a glass for me at fellow Cornishman Richard D James aka Aphex Twin..yaya!!

Last weekend we took the Bonbi wares down to The Xmas Fair at Penryn's Jubilee Wharf which was a great market place of contemporary Cornish craft and food. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but it was all abuzz with Christmas shoppers and they had singing and a band and all sorts! As well as all the tees and jewellery, I took my new Bonbi scarves which went down a treat. I only have a couple left, I'm in the process of printing some more and will be putting them on the site this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

So since the last post we have had a restock of Cat and bang jewellery which is again going fast, so grab your exclusive piece while you can! Also this weekend I will be stocking the shop with new cards from Pinecone and Chickadee, new Tea towels from Mr PS, a brand new Cake zine from Luke Hall, and as well as my scarves, Bonbi Forest shoppers and some lovely new BF jewellery!!! It's kinda go go go-arama!!!

As well as all that my Bonbi Forest Red India Leaf earrings have been spotted in the Christmas supplement of Knitting Magazine...See below....Thank you Knitting!