Saturday, 28 February 2009

Springtime Bonbi jewels...

March is tomorrow! Hurrah! Since I was little I have always thought of March as being the beginning of Spring and the death of Winter. It is my favorite time of year (I am a May baby after all...) with all of the new growth, the lengthening days and warmer temperatures. Yay!

I have made a whole new batch of Bonbi Forest jewellery with that colourful spring feel - lots of blooms and animals and bright colour which is all available in the shop now...HERE!
I have also put together a batch of Treasure Trove necklaces. They are not strictly Spring like, but I made one of these for myself at Christmas time so I would have something simple and sparkling to wear with my party frock and tees alike. I was amazed how many complements I got whenever I wore it (and a few requests too!) that I decided to make a batch for the shop. They have a large Avant Garde Swarovski pendant on a fine gold plated chain with three little faceted Swarovskis...Such a treat and available HERE.

You may have noticed that I have rejigged the jewellery section of the store which is now divided into separate jewellery sub-categories to make it easier to find different pieces. Seeing as there was nigh on 250 items in that section I thought it about time for some order!

Happy shopping :)

Nationals here we come!

I'm back! Well I got back a while ago but have neglected to blog...The regional championships were great and Pia and I qualified for our first ever National Championships!! We came second with the top 2 going through. It has been a bit of a dream of mine to one day qualify for the nationals and now it's done, I'm very excited to say the least...Below is a (not very good quality, sorry about that but I am still waiting on the final prints) photo of us taking part in the winners lap of honour where you get to gallop about showing off. I think this pic was right before she scooted sideways in excitement...horses are funny creatures!

Kind of a funny tradition that has sprung up at championship Dressage shows over the last 10 years or so is that they play Tina Turner's 'Simply the Best' during the lap of honour. Mark thinks it is hilarious whenever he comes to watch and it really is rather corny, but once they tried to play something else and it wasn't quite the same...dressage peeps love to hear it, hehe!

I have been making lots of new jewellery with a springtime feel this week...I will put some pictures up shortly :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

BIG update!

There is lots and lots of new jewellery in the store today from two brand new designers and some old favorites too!

First up however we have some gorgeous new art prints in the store from another new artist: Sara Melin. I just love her delicate use of line and wash and the subtle colour with the odd dash of rich and bright tones...

You can see and shop all Sara Melin prints HERE in the art and prints section of the Emporium.

Our first new jewellery designer is Alice Taylor and we have her Taylor Made collection available in store! Her jewellery features lots of beautiful glass pearls, Swarovski crystals, unusual charms and lovely long chains...pretty!

We also have the great vintage inspired jewellery of Lucy Lockett Loves in the store with Alice in Wonderland fairytale pieces and pretty charms too!

Also in there are some super new items from A Resin revival and This Charming Girl! Shop all jewellery HERE!!

I also just found out that my Lovebird Heart Art Mini Canvas was featured in America's Rachel ray magazine this month, yay! (Via

Bye bye Bobber...

Well it's been a while since I have blogged again, and it's been a busy and sad week or so...I have made a new colourway for Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip's latest tee which is now available at their live shows and will soon be available in the store too and been out competing a few times with the horses. Mr Lauder scored his highest score to date (69.1!) a couple of weeks ago and we took Miss Pia out in the snow last weekend and she won her class...Tomorrow I am off to the Winter regional Dressage championships with Pia where we will be contesting two classes on Thursday and Friday somewhere in the depths of Dorset! Wish me luck!!

On a very sad note though my family lost our beloved Jay Jay woofer on Friday. He was a dear friend for the last 15 years and is so sorely missed. My mum bred him and he ws born under the dining room table on boxing day all of those years ago. My then 11 year old brother named all of the boy puppies after racing drivers, and Jay Jay was named after JJ Leto. Originally we were going to keep one of the other dogs for ourselves - a little pup with the not very woofer name of Nigel (of Mansell fame, there was also an Eric named after Erik Comas amongst others) - but a student who lived with us at the time loved Jay the most and told some prospective buyers that he wasn't for sale and they bought Nigel instead.

In the years to come we realised that the student had not only saved us the embarrasment of yelling NIIIGELLL across the beach when the inevitably wayward pooch ran too far away, but she also saved us the best and most wonderful dog of the bunch who was loved by everyone who met him...

Bye bye Bobber.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Two new designers!

We welcome two brand new designers to the store this week! We have the sweetest vintage trinkets from The Magpie Club and fun felt accessories and plush from Charlotte Potter...

Plus some new jewellery and restocks of popular pieces from Eclectic Eccentricity, great new shoppers from Ruthy Loves Retro and some super new perspex jewels from Finest Imaginary too!!!

Also, if you like a bit of 80's style synth pop have a listen to Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun HERE. (Track streaming from their website, you may have to enable the sound). I Haven't heard any of their other tracks but I am loving this one!! :)

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow and stuff...

Oh the snow! After last weeks post and being so refreshed by the sun, what a difference this week!!

We don't tend to get much snow down here in Cornwall, it's usually a light dusting that's melted in an hour and gone as fast as it arrived, but this time things were a little different. So pretty it was too...

I made a lame attempt at a snowman that ended up being a larger than average snowball before I gave up. Took the Lauder horse for a walk in the snow which he found super fun, ploughing a furrow with his nose then sneezing because it was so cold. Spent far too long looking at the clouds wondering if another flurry was on the way and took far too many photos of a snow covered winter wonderland... :)