Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Ah, Christmas...

Wowee it's been a while since I last posted have Christmas to thank for that!

You guys have been keeping me very busy with all of your Christmas orders and for that I can only thank you, it's proving to be an exceptionally busy season here for Bonbi Forest! One of my favorite things is seeing how many fellas are buying lockets for their ladies, it doesn't half make the heart all warm and fuzzy...

I just wanted to post to let you know that Cornish friends (and friends that find themselves in Cornwall this weekend) can come and buy some Bonbi Forest goodies directly from me this weekend at the Falmouth Christmas Festival, which is taking place on Events Square. The Christmas market is running alongside a Christmas food festival too with demonstrations from Rick Stein, sea shanty singing, Christmas carols, and lots of workshops for kids. Some nice pre-Christmas fun, more info about which can be found here --> Falmouth Christmas Festival

Here is a little picture of Falmouth I took a while ago...I love the fluorescent bouys bobbing alongside the boats on the grey water!


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Let it snow...

I do love a bit of snow once and a while and am hoping we see a little dusting here in Cornwall this winter. Just as long as it isn't the prolonged sort of heavy blanket that seems to cripple our silly country and stops me getting the the studio...I have done much sliding in the car this last couple of winters and can safely say that I don't enjoy it!

Since the turning of the clocks and the inevitable darkening nights though, my thoughts have naturally turned to more wintery themes and I have found that images of little snowflakes have been finding their way into my work. I have made a selection of brand new LIMITED EDITION lockets for you featuring these lovely little shapes, all of which have been adorned with a scattering of the usual Bonbi Forest charms and sparkles...Have a look see HERE in the shop. I do hope you like them...

It's been snowing at Bonbi Forest!

There is also a little ring for sparkling up those fingers too!

Snowflake Ring

Talking of wintery frozen things, tonight is the second episode of the latest David Attenborough documentary, Frozen Planet. last week's was amazingly beautiful and I am very much looking forward to this weeks! Have a read about it HERE!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A long overdue Lately...

It has been a very long time since I posted a 'Lately...' post here hasn't it?! A number of reasons have prevented me from doing this, not least the breaking down of my computer a few weeks ago (it has since been written off, woes!) and although I have everything backed up it just hasn't been convenient for me to sort through my pictures yet.

However, I have recently joined the IPhone hordes and while I haven't abandoned my beloved camera (far from! I may even have to post a second Lately post of those pics too...) I have been merrily snapping away with Instagram and thought I'd share a few of those pictures from the last few weeks with you of the wonderful Indian summer, screen printing with the kids at Brannel School, beautiful foggy mornings we've been having and of course animals!

Blue skies and a bee Screen printing with the kids at Brannel school Fog... Roses Fog... Early morning Enjoying the Indian summer! Portholland Portholland The beau and I... October paddle Pia and the cows... Sleepy catamaline!

^^How funny is that last picture?!!^^

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A change is as good as rest or so they say...

Those of you that manage Facebook pages may or may not know that there is an annoying little thing with them that means that you can't change your page's title after you cross the 100 likes threshold. It has been bothering me for a while that my Bonbi Forest page holds the outdated name of 'The Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium' coined way back when Bonbi Forest sold not just my work, but the work of other designer friends...I shut that shop two whole years ago and think it's about time for a change!

I have a new and properly dedicated 'Bonbi Forest' Facebook page set up, and would love it if you would move your Bonbi Forest liking from the old page to the could win a little something in the process if you do. Nice eh?

Every new like that the new page receives between now and the 15th October will be entered into a draw to win the Bonbi Forest item of your choice, with two runners up receiving a £10 gift voucher does that sound? Go have a look see at the new page HERE!

I have a new Facebook page...

Thursday, 29 September 2011

A bit of music...

I went to see Crazy Stupid Love last night which is a very sweet film (Ryan Gosling's performance in it is very excellent...Ahem!) and it reminded me that I haven't listened to this beautiful song by The Middle East for a long time, it is called 'Blood' and is really lovely:

When I first heard it I got a bit muddled though and thought it was something else, and upon returning home and googling it I found out my mistake. I urge you to listen to this as well though, it is just as pretty: Benjamin Francis Leftwich 'Atlas Hands'

Friday, 23 September 2011

Spots and Dots

Those of you who came along to the Cornwall Design Fair in August may remember this new tee...or not as the case may be as it sold out rather quickly!

I really enjoyed playing with the conventions of print placement to give Spots and Dots it's little printed collar (adorned with leaf fronds, graphic blooms and tiny stars, of course) and spotty bib.

Spots and Dots can be seen and shopped HERE! I'd love to know what you think!

Spots and Dots tee is here! Spots and Dots Spots and Dots

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

...and it's Autumn

Where did that last month go?! It's been a little busy around here what with one thing and another and I can't believe we are two thirds of the way through September already...I've had my head down and it's passed me by! There have been some fun bits and pieces too, I will post a lately post soon (though it will be more like a round up of the last couple of months at this rate) but in the meantime I just wanted to show you the new Bonbi Forest rings which I added to the shop over the weekend...

They feature the same landscapes and critters that the lockets do with adjustable ring bands to fit most fingers...I have tried and tested my favorite (which is the Dark is the Night Stars design at the bottom there...) on many occasions and the flat pad makes them easy to wear and slide your hand in and out of pockets and your bag. I am very pleased with these guys! See and shop them HERE!

Goodnight Ring Oval Cat Face Ring Flowers Ring Oval Cat Face Ring Dark is the Night Ring More soon peeps!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Oh hai!

Blue Bird in a Pink Tree
A busy old week here this week! The Dark is the Night Locket was featured in the Guardian's Buy of the Day section on Monday which has set off some kind of locket amazing. Thank you everyone who has bought one, they'll all be on their way very soon!

Plus this weekend I am taking all of the Bonbi Forest wares down to Trereife House near Penzance for the Cornwall Design Fair...come and see me if you find yourself in Cornwall at all this weekend. Details HERE!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Lockets galore...

The beady eyed among you will have noticed that this week I have been adding four new illustrated lockets to the clan.

In keeping with all things Bonbi Forest they feature a selection of themes tied up with my obsessions with things of the night, our feathered friends and the lovely Pegasus. I of course couldn't have a collection of pictorial items without a little house in there too...
New lockets for August...
Have a look see at these shiny pendants in the Bonbi Forest shop HERE! I hope you like them...

Right now I am in a Friday evening celebratory mood as today the lovely Miss Pia pony and I scored well and won at our first attempt at the next dressage level up (Advanced Medium for those in the know). We have turned a bit of a corner with our dressage dancing and it feels good...

Have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Who's been wearing Bonbi Forest?

Charlotte from E4's Dirty Sexy Things wearing her Bonbi Forest Equus Tee!
I think the Equus tee looks great with a little black blazer...I usually wear mine with my high waisted jeans but I think I'll be taking a leaf out of model Charlotte De Carle's style file, digging out my jacket and wearing it loose! What do you think?

See and shop the Equus tee HERE!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Oh yes...

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend? Mine has been spent with friends and family, eating lots, gardening and riding the black beauty Miss Pia Pony. I have even spent part of it dressed as Margot Tenenbaum. It's thundery here this afternoon so I am inside playing with paints and taking pictures of new work...and here is a peek! Oh yes, the first ever Bonbi Forest rings will be available soon:
Oh yes...

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Dark is the Night is here at last

The Dark is the Night Slouch Sweaters are in the shop at last, hurrah...See and shop them HERE!

I have just sent out my latest newsletter and wanted to put together a star themed image when it occurred to me how many stars there are in my shop already, I do hope you like them as much as I do...
A Starry Story...with Free Shipping!
I also have a FREE SHIPPING offer on for you from now until Midnight on Monday 8th August...just enter the code HAPPYFREESHIP at checkout to get your free ship shop!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Wooden Bird
Lockets again...
A posy from my favorite place...
Wiping our mouths on money
Rainbow Cake Part Deux
Bird Party
Looking out from Fowey
Horrible! Horrible! Horrible food!...
Horrible! Horrible!
Me and my beau
Park Walk
It's been a busy couple of weeks here and I feel like I have been cramming a lot in!

These are some of my favorite moments including more rainbow birthday cake making, watching the birds eat the awful discarded layers before I managed to get the cake mix to cake tin ratio right, birthday celebrating (love those money napkins, don't you?!) playing at tourists when my lovely friend Emily came to stay, picking pretty blooms from my favorite place in the world, hanging out with buddies, and that awful, awful orange dinner that was so bad it was funny!

More new pieces soon including the starry jumper I posted about last week...Hurrah!

Friday, 29 July 2011

A Starry Story...

A new jumper at last! Here is the result of all those stars I was printing yesterday in a little gif animation for you showing a peek into the slouch sweater forming process...I'd love to know what you think?
A Starry Story...
I have wanted to make a starry top for ages and these navy blue marle sweaters are just the ticket for such a design. I have named it to go along with the Dark is the Night Locket and I have a feeling there will be more in this little celestial line. I do like stars I do!

Dark is the Night Slouch Sweaters will be available this space!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

What's been cooking?

Stars! This is just a little peek at something I have been printing up today...stars are never far from my work it seems! We are very lucky here in Cornwall where we live, there are no street lights and on a clear night sky you can see so many stars, even the milky way snaking itself across the sky.
Cooking up some stars...
One of my most memorable star gazing moments was a few years ago and me and my lovely cousin Evie had been out feeding the horses their late night haylage. It was such a clear night and we stood leaning on a car looking up and we saw so many shooting stars, I think it must have been a meteorite shower or something, absolutely amazing!

Anyway, further Bonbi Forest starryness will be revealed tomorrow...

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I haven't done a 'Lately' post for ages! I haven't really taken that many pictures this last few weeks, something I must rectify. Just looking back through these pictures reminds me of how good the weather was at the beginning of the month and how miserable it is now...C'mon summer, pull your socks up!
Beautiful Rose
Petals and the Succulent
A Little Visitor
Tiny Petals
It has been interesting seeing what the garden at our new house is going to show us next and the beautiful rose here was a lovely surprise...such a gorgeous colour. As I thought it would though, my gardening enthusiasm has waned somewhat recently (I blame the rain, yeah?) and the weeds are sprouting with a vengeance once again. I must do some tending so I can see what else it is going to offer us before the summer is out...

We also seem to get lots of visitors in our the last week there has been five beetles and two little lizards! Unlike looking forward to seeing what comes next in the garden, I am not looking forward to seeing what comes next on the crawly visitor side of things. At all.