Friday, 29 April 2011

Free Ship Shop...

It's a right Royal weekend! A Royal wedding day off, followed by the weekend and then another bank holiday...nice!

I thought I'd add to the good stuff and give you guys a FREE SHIPPING treat for the weekend...Just enter the code ROYALDAYOFF at checkout and get your free ship shop on any order until midnight on Monday.

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Enjoy the weekend peeps!

A Royal Day Off!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

29 Project: Days 334 - 338

How was everyone's Easter holiday? Good I hope!

We are still having a good time here in the city of Perth, I can hardly believe we have been here a week already...there has been lots of hanging out in parks, admiring of views and pretty flowers, some spying of black swans and enjoying of the sunshine.

I have also been getting to grips with some water brushes I picked up and watercolour pencils, and when I have conjured something I am pleased with I will show you the results!

Here is a little 29 project update for you: Days 334 - 338...

Day 334: Friday 22nd April - White Rabbit. There seems to be quite a nice culture here of trying out different beers from the region and beyond. I found this one to be quite the taste delight, and also enjoyed the seemingly odd choice of illustration on the bottle...
Day 334 - White Rabbit

Day 335: Saturday 23rd April - River views at Heathcote. We went to meet some of our host's friends in a park called the Heathcote Reserve and took in the views of Perth across the river. Here I am pictured with a quite slick 80's looking Mark. I don't know why he looks so slick and 80's here, he doesn't usually...
Day 335 - Over at Heathcote

Day 336: Sunday 24th April - In the Pines. On Easter day, myself, Mark and his brother Ian, went to a music festival called In the Pines. It was organised by Perth radio station RTR and featured lots of Western Australian bands. It was a good afternoon...
Day 336 - In the Pines

Day 337: Monday 25th April - Perth Autumn. It seems weird that it is getting well into Autumn here, the temperature is still up in the high 20s and early 30˚ a glorious high British summer!
Day 337 - Perth Autumn

Day 338: Tuesday 26th April - Hanging at the pool. Mark and I decided it was high time we did some exercise after a week of not doing any, so we went down to the local swimming pool, which was lovely. There are lots of grassy areas to lie about on, which was a good job as I had forgotten how tiring swimming lengths was!
Day 338 - At the Swimming Pool

Enjoy the three day week!

Friday, 22 April 2011

29 Project: Days 324 - 333...

Greetings from Australia!! It is very warm here in Perth which is great...I do like the sunshine, especially after such a long and hard winter. It is nice to get some vitamin D. I believe it is warm at home in the UK too? I hope you are all getting to enjoy it...don't burn yourselves peeps!

I will be trying to keep up a little with the 29 project while I am out here (which is coming scarily close to it's conclusion...only another month to go!) and also keep on top of shop news too.

Speaking of which: The animal print scarves are now also available as rectangles as well as the square version. Have a look at each scarf to see details of both HERE! Orders are shipping as normal, so if you want one you certainly don;t have to wait until I am back home at all...

Anyway, a 29 project update: Days 324 - 333...

Day 324: Tuesday 12th April - Cutting, cutting, folding, folding. To make sure the shop can still run while I am away i have been making stacks of the little origami pouches that my jewellery gets sent out in...that's a lot of folding.
Day 324 - Cutting Cutting Folding Folding

Day 325: Wednesday 13th April - Bluebells. I have been really enjoying watching the transition of the springtime colours from yellow through to blue and pink and purple. The bluebells suddenly seem to be out and they are everywhere! I thought I'd get some snaps because I imagine they will all be gone by the time I return to the UK...
Day 325 - Bluebells

Day 326: Thursday 14th April - Blue water. A tub where I wash my screens has got little bits of garden debris floating in it and the blue pigment from printing flowed in there when I washed a was very pretty.
Day 326 - Blue Water

Day 327: Friday 15th April - Match your walls to your washing! Noted from a friends house in Falmouth...
Day 327 - Match Your Walls to Your washing

Day 328: Saturday 16th April - New shoes! Twenty quid? Yes please, I couldn't resist!
Day 328 - New Shoes

Day 329: Sunday 17th April - Blossoms. Yes more...and another snap of some pretties that won't be around when I get back from Australia.
Day 329 - More Blossoms

Day 330: Monday 18th April - Leaving Gatwick. ...and we're off! Our flight was a little late leaving and we spent a good while on the tarmac before we left, but finally we were on the move and headed for Dubai...
Day 330 - Leaving Gatwick

Day 331: Tuesday 19th April - Bye Bye Dubai. At some point, goodness knows when or which timezone I should have been observing, we landed at Dubai, swapped planes and began the last leg to Australia. The plane was crammed and Mark and I weren't sat next to each was a long 10 hours sandwiched between two strangers at the very back of the plane!
Day 331 - Bye Bye Dubai

Day 332: Wednesday 20th April - Hello Sunshine! We made it to Ian and Natalies and met our little niece and took a stroll in the sun. Ahhh...on holiday. Lush.
Day 332 - Hello Sunshine

Day 334: Thursday 21st April - Indian Ocean feet. For the second time in my life I dipped my feet in the Indian was a lot warmer than the last time we were here. I shall swim in it next time we go to the beach.
Day 333 - Indian Ocean Feet

Thursday, 14 April 2011

29 Project: Days 315 - 323

I am in the midst of a mad time trying to sort everything out in the studio before my trip away so that hopefully orders can continue to ship and the shop won't be left high and dry for three weeks. Which incidentally, is the longest time I have been away from the studio since I started Bonbi Forest...eek!

In an attempt to gain a little respite from the chaos, here is the second part of a mammoth 29 project update, as promised!

29 Project: Days 315 - 323...

Day 315: Sunday 3rd April - Seconds. Pia and I went to another competition and it wasn't quite our usual success. We were 2nd in both of our classes, but I was pleased with that at that particular venue...last time we went there, there were peacocks next to the arena, and this time we had a bonfire with an an exploding can on it (anyone who knows horses will also know that horses plus peacocks, and horses plus exploding cans do not a great combination make...). It's always fun and games there!
Day 315 - Seconds

Day 316: Monday 4th April - Sunroof Trees. I was waiting for Mark to come back to the car and noted the lovely polarizing effect our sunroof has...
Day 316 - Sunroof Trees

Day 317: Tuesday 5th April - We like fruit. Our fruit bowl, freshly filled and overflowing and being spied on by a Donna Wilson tray...(The massive bottle of Chinon was a wedding present, Mark and I are very much looking forward to drinking that on May 29th, our first anniversary. Yay!)
Day 317 - We Like Fruit

Day 318: Wednesday 6th April - Blossoms! Seriously, I take pictures of these every year, as if I don't already have enough on my hard drive...I do love them so.
Day 318 - Blossoms!

Day 319: Thursday 7th April - New business cards. I am afraid I have had to stop hand printing my business cards...I loved making them, but I am getting through them so quickly these days I just can't keep up! So here are a brand new selection from the ever impressive Moo:
Day 319 - New Business Cards

Day 320: Friday 8th April - Settling up. I know, awful picture! You didn't expect to have a 29 project update without at least one blurry, yellow, last minute snap did you? Anyway, I took this as we were settling the bill at my li'l cousins 18th birthday dinner. I can't believe you are so grown up already Evie!!!
Day 320 - Settling Up

Day 321: Saturday 9th April - Glowing baby Jack. So after the 18th birthday dinner, I was up at 5:30 to go to another show with Miss Pia (we had another day of mixed fortunes...) and baby Jack was glowing in the early morning sunshine...look at his cute orange face:
Day 321 - Glowing baby Jack

Day 322: Sunday 10th April - Hanging in the hammock. What a gorgeous day this was! Mark and I took some time out to do garden stuff (nothing complicated, weeding, mowing, drinking beer...) and I have finally hung my hammock...I have had this for about 10 years, and now we have a decent garden I have somewhere to put it and it is brilliant!
Day 322 - Hanging in the Hammock

Day 323: Monday 11th April - Look books. I have been working on these little Blossom Pop! look books, and here they are all printed up at last...hurrah!
Day 323 - Lookbooks

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

29 Project: Days 306 - 314...

It's been a while since I updated the 29 project...things have been pretty busy around here as I am off to Australia for nigh on three weeks on Monday. Sorting everything out to be left for that long is no mean feat, I tell ya!

Before I crack on with the update, don't forget that the 20% off Springtime discount ends on Friday...just enter SPRINGTREAT at checkout to treat yourself: S H O P! is a HUGE update which I will post here in two parts, one today and one tomorrow:

29 Project: Days 306 - 314...

Day 306: Friday 25th March - Outside looking in. I had all the Blossom Pop! jewels lined up in my photography window in the studio, I liked the way they looked all colourful and upside down like that.
Day 306 - Outside, looking in

Day 307: Saturday 26th March - Falmouth late on a Saturday...Out and about, I snapped this rather blurry shot on the way back to a friends house and yes, that is someone I know taking a little rest/nap by leaning on that car in the foreground there...
Day 307 - Falmouth late on a Saturday

Day 308: Sunday 27th March - 'Helping' with the gardening. It was a very lovely day and as I lazed on the un-hung hammock sipping a beer and poring over my new copy of Orla Kiely's 'Pattern', Mark mowed the field of a lawn we seem to have acquired. A very pleasant way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon...
Day 308 - Helping with gardening...

Day 309: Monday 28th March - Hazy Sunshine. I do love this time of year very much...Summer is almost upon us peeps!
Day 309 - Hazy Sunshine

Day 310: Tuesday 29th March - New slippers again...Well, the pretty be-pom pommed slippers I bought in Kefalonia last year finally gave up the ghost, so I picked up these cheapies from Sainsbury's. They'll do the job! Mark also had his wisdom teeth out today, but I won't dwell on that, it wasn't pleasant for him.
Day 310 - New Slippers Again

Day 311: Wednesday 30th March - Ladybird! A little nature update for you, and an outing for the super macro setting on my camera. We seem to have quite a lot of these guys in our front garden which is good, because I like them.
Day 311 - Ladybird!

Day 312: Thursday 31st March - Pia's pictures arrived...A little bit of a cheat today I am afraid! This is a picture of me and Miss Pia at our disastrous regional championship outing earlier in the year which arrived today. Moments of harmony between the pair of us were few and far between that particular day, but there must have been a few to get this great shot!
Day 312 - Pia's pictures arrived...

Day 313: Friday 1st April - Grape beads. My mama came to see me in the studio today and thought the green vintage moonglow beads were grapes. I wasn't even trying to play an April fool!
Day 313 - Grape Beads

Day 314: Saturday 2nd April - Long lost books. I thought that Mark and I had lost this big box of treasures five years ago when we moved from Brighton to Cornwall...but they have been found! I thought I had lost my Julie Verhoeven Gas book, J Otto Seibold pop-up Alice in Wonderland, all of my Edward Gorey books, my Patrick Heron retrospective, Davids Hockney and Shrigley collections and a whole host of other art book delights...I can't tell you how happy I am to have them all back!!!!!
Day 314 - Long Lost Books

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A sweet commission...

A little while ago I mentioned about a commission I was working on...well here it is!

I was contacted by one of my lovely customers, Sana, who said how much she liked my work and asked if I would design some wedding invitations for her and her husband to be. I had enjoyed making the invitations for our wedding last year so much, of course I said YES!

...and here they are: I hand screen printed them in three colours onto a pale blue recycled card stock and sent them out with pretty pink envelopes. The back of the invitation had all the information for the guests and further hand printed accents.
Tristan and Sana Invitation
Tristan and Sana Invitation
Tristan and Sana Invitation
Tristan and Sana Invitation

It was such a nice commission to do. Thank you Tristan and Sana for asking me to make them for you, I hope you have a wonderful wedding day!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Time for a Spring treat...

Did everyone have a good weekend? I had a dressage competition with Miss Pia yesterday. It wasn't the most successful of days results wise, more about which I shall tell in my next 29 project installment. Other than that it was a lovely weekend!

Anyway, if you haven't already seen my latest email newsletter (below...), I just wanted to let you all know that I have a lil treat for you: 20% off in the shop!
Spring Treat
Have a sooopa Monday folks...I will be back soon with some more hit n miss photographs from the last week to show you.