Wednesday, 27 April 2011

29 Project: Days 334 - 338

How was everyone's Easter holiday? Good I hope!

We are still having a good time here in the city of Perth, I can hardly believe we have been here a week already...there has been lots of hanging out in parks, admiring of views and pretty flowers, some spying of black swans and enjoying of the sunshine.

I have also been getting to grips with some water brushes I picked up and watercolour pencils, and when I have conjured something I am pleased with I will show you the results!

Here is a little 29 project update for you: Days 334 - 338...

Day 334: Friday 22nd April - White Rabbit. There seems to be quite a nice culture here of trying out different beers from the region and beyond. I found this one to be quite the taste delight, and also enjoyed the seemingly odd choice of illustration on the bottle...
Day 334 - White Rabbit

Day 335: Saturday 23rd April - River views at Heathcote. We went to meet some of our host's friends in a park called the Heathcote Reserve and took in the views of Perth across the river. Here I am pictured with a quite slick 80's looking Mark. I don't know why he looks so slick and 80's here, he doesn't usually...
Day 335 - Over at Heathcote

Day 336: Sunday 24th April - In the Pines. On Easter day, myself, Mark and his brother Ian, went to a music festival called In the Pines. It was organised by Perth radio station RTR and featured lots of Western Australian bands. It was a good afternoon...
Day 336 - In the Pines

Day 337: Monday 25th April - Perth Autumn. It seems weird that it is getting well into Autumn here, the temperature is still up in the high 20s and early 30˚ a glorious high British summer!
Day 337 - Perth Autumn

Day 338: Tuesday 26th April - Hanging at the pool. Mark and I decided it was high time we did some exercise after a week of not doing any, so we went down to the local swimming pool, which was lovely. There are lots of grassy areas to lie about on, which was a good job as I had forgotten how tiring swimming lengths was!
Day 338 - At the Swimming Pool

Enjoy the three day week!

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