Friday, 29 October 2010

29 Project: Days 157 - 159

Goodness, it's been a busy week! I've done lots of printing for Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip (who are fast running out of the tees I created for them on tour!) and adding new jewellery to the shop as well.
Agate Pendant - Shallows
The agate necklaces I showed you a short while ago are now in the shop...they are each one of a kind and so, so pretty. There are only five of them at the moment, you can see and shop them HERE!
Agate Pendant - Delta
There is another new necklace in the shop too called 'Collection' and I have also created a new bracelet called 'November' as it has a Citrine stone which is the birthstone of November...I think it would make an ace present for November born ladies! As well as the gorgeous golden Citrine it has two vintage brass beads and three little feathers...See both of these pretty pieces in the jewels section of the Bonbi Forest shop too...
November Bracelet

Right, on with the 29 project: Days 157 - 159...

Day 157: Tuesday 26th October - Autumn Light. I know a lot of people like Autumn, for it's crispness and the cuddles of cozy knits, but being a bean who feels the cold somewhat more than most, Spring and the promises of warm sunshine it brings with it is my favorite time of year...however no other time of year quite beats Autumn for the quality of the light at either end of the day. I do love that.
Day 157 - Autumn Light

Day 158: Wednesday 27th October - Lou Lou again. Being cheeky in the garden...I think that like me, she was marvelling at the colour of those leaves!
Day 158 - Lou Lou Again

Day 159: Thursday 28th October - Fabric testing. I have a new fabric that I have never printed on before so I whipped out some of my pattern screens and printed a little test strip and the result was perfect...
Day 159 - Colour play and fabric testing

More on Monday folks, have a great weekend!

Monday, 25 October 2010

29 Project: Days 152 - 156

As promised earlier here are the weekend's 29 project updates! I put a few extra pictures of boats and dramatic morning vistas over at my Flickr page too...

29 project: Days 152 - 156...

Day 152: Thursday 21st October - Reindeer vs Horse Stand Off. Sketching and sticking etc...
Day 152 - Reindeer Horse Stand Off

Day 153: Friday 22nd October - Room with a view. It was Mark's birthday this last weekend and on Friday we were out in Falmouth seeing friends. We were lucky beans indeed and had a night in the Greenbank Hotel courtesy of Mark's papa...this is the view from our room:
Day 153 - Room with a View

Day 154: Saturday 23rd October - A present bundle for my beau on his birthday. I hand printed some wrapping paper and tied it up all pretty which was much fun to do! We had a great day seeing family for lunch and then on to our friend's house where we had a homemade Indian feast and Tuscan Mules...
Day 154 - Present Bundle

Day 155: Sunday 24th October - (not a great picture, sorry!) Theatre Royal. Another birthday weekend surprise for Mark was organised by our friend Rob who bought him a ticket to see Stewart Lee in Plymouth! So a gang of us went to the Theatre Royal, which was much smaller than I remembered. Last time I went was to see The Nutcracker ballet with my dad when I was about 8 and it seemed like the biggest theatre I could ever have imagined...
Day 155 - Theatre Royal

Day 156: Today, Monday 25th October - C H R I S T M A S  C A R D S!! I have been itching to get these in the shop, and today I finished 'em up, hurrah! They are now available as a set of 6 HERE!
Day 156 - Christmas Cards

Frames and agates...

I hope everyone had a good weekend? We had a lovely was Mark's 30th birthday so we spent it flitting about seeing family and friends which was sooopa fun! I have a 29 project update lined up for later today which features the weekend's frolics, and also a peek at new Christmas cards. I meant to release these last week, but due to a printer/card argument I had to put that back a little bit, but ready they now are!

In the meantime I have finally gotten around to framing my original Pegasus and Hiders drawings and they are now available in the shop. Both of these drawings have little white on white details which don't come across on any of the other goodies I have for sale of these guys as it's so these two are a bit special!

Hiders Framed Original Drawing

Pegasus Framed Original Drawing

I also have a limited batch of fabulous new agate necklaces coming to the shop soon too which will be followed by a new jewels update later this week...
I LOVE these.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

29 Project: Days 149 - 151

Well, today has been a bit eventful...Mark and I had a little smash in the car, nothing serious but the car appears to be a write off. We are both fine and it is more of an inconvenience than anything. Buses in this area are few and far between (just 4 of them a day!) so I will be seeking lifts and borrowing rides to the studio and post office until we can sort ourselves out.

Oh well, I did say I wanted a new car, I just didn't think the old one would have to be wrecked to get one! Be careful what you wish for folks...

In better news I have sourced something I have been waiting an age to find at a decent price for an exciting upcoming project, hurrah!

Anyway, here are the latest 29 project pictures: Days 149 - 150...

Day 149: Monday 18th October - Leaves I like. This is why these kinds of leaves are in my head and in my work so often. They are subliminally force fed to me every Autumn when I walk down the path to the stables! I don't even know what they are!
Day 149 - Leaves I Like

Day 150: Tuesday 19th October - Leopard Cat. Tiger Cat. Sketching for stuff.
Day 150 - Leopard Cat, Tiger Cat

Day 151: Wednesday 20th October - Double Rainbow. I took this right before our smash (I wasn't driving by the way!). I think it was the rainbows fault, or maybe me squealing about how pretty it was...
Day 151 - Double Rainbow

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Twilight Ride...

Here is a little peek at something new I am working on whenever I have a spare moment or two...that is alongside the other projects I have on the go at the moment as well. Ideas are flowing fast at the right now and I am trying to make the most of them! Yay.

Twilight Ride: Digital Collage...
Twilight Ride

Monday, 18 October 2010

29 Project: Days 143 - 148

I have met up with a few people recently who I haven't seen in a while and they have asked me what I have been up to of late. As usual my mind has drawn a blank and I say 'Oh you know, working, riding a bit...oh yeah, I sold Lauder'. So I had a look back on my 29 project (and all of the other pictures I have stored in my Iphoto along the way...) and realised there are lots of things there that I would never have thought to have taken a picture of before I was doing this, and little details I would have long since forgotten. I'm enjoying this project very much.

29 project: Days 143 - 148...

Day 143: Tuesday 12th October - Winners! I rode my best and Pia danced her best and we won not one, but two dressage classes today on very good scores indeed...regional championships here we come!
Day 143 - Winners!

Day 144: Wednesday 13th October - Photography Corner...You may (or may not have!) noticed that I have gradually been re-photographing lots of things in the shop. This little corner of my studio is where I make the picture magic happen...
Day 144 - Studio Photography Corner

Day 145: Thursday 14th October - Screen Making. I had lots of little bits of work and jobs to get done today...It's not the most interesting or pretty picture I'm afraid, but re-making this screen was one of them!
Day 145 - Screen Making

Day 146: Friday 15th October - The Railway. Mark and I were up in Devon this last weekend visiting his dad. On Friday night we went to a lovely pub called The Railway Inn which is always a delight.
Day 146 - The Railway

Day 147: Saturday 16th October - Exeter Cathedral. A trip into Exeter for the afternoon. I spent lots of money on warm winter wearables!
Day 147 - Exeter

Day 148: Sunday 17th October - Horsebox Roast. Back in Cornwall again and we went round to my folks house for a dinner of roast lamb. The aga had stopped working though and my mum had to make a roast for six people in the tiny oven in the horsebox! I don't know how she did it, it was delicious...
Day 148 - Folks for Roast

As usual there are a few more pictures over at my Flickr...I hope to have some new bits and pieces to show you this week. Stay tuned!

The good horse Black Beauty

He's been around for a while, but I have finally got my original drawing of Black Beauty framed up all pretty and available to buy in the shop...
The good horse Black Beauty

I will be updating the 29 project later today...I thought I might be able to keep on top of it and post a little more regularly but it has been a busy week and well, I failed at that! Hopefully from now on...yeah.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The product of a print marathon...

Here are the tee designs I have been waiting to show you...I designed and hand printed them for my long time clients Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip for their upcoming Autumn tour. It shows all of the places they are visiting with a couple of little Le Sac vs Pip birds chirping at each other.
Le Sac vs Pip Autumn Tour T-Shirt Design
Le Sac vs Pip Autumn Tour T-Shirt Design
I made one colour combo for the girls, one for the guys and then another for kids. I've not made kids tees before and it was really fun to do! The design needed to be shrunken down to fit their little size and I was a bit worried about the finer details of the print coming through, but they did and I am SO pleased with them. Yay!
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip Autumn Tour Tees
I also made a completely different design for some Le Sac vs Pip babygrows which I have yet to get a good picture of, but as soon as I do you will be able to peruse it over at my Flickr account...

In other news, my Bonbi Forest goodies are now available over on which is a super online store with loads of really lovely gifts and things.

That's it for now, but I wanted to leave you with a little link to an AMAZING photograph I found on the Folk Object Tumblr (I think you will like)...There's lots to like about a massive deer!

Monday, 11 October 2010

29 Project: Days 139 - 142

I hope everyone had a good weekend? Here is the latest installment of the 29 project...

Days 139 - 142:

Day 139: Friday 8th October - Autumn. It's properly here isn't it? High winds have been stripping the trees of their leaves in a big way and carpeting the ground with them...
Day 139 - Autumn Time

Day 140: Saturday 9th October - On Saturday night we headed down to Miss Peapods in Penryn to see some old friends play the last leg of their mini tour with their bands Trelawney, Bravo Brave Bats and Tessellators. Mark played some records too, it was much fun!
Day 140 - Mark plays some records...

Day 141: Sunday 10th October - Walk home...Sunday rambles on the cliffs are becoming a regular occurrence, and this Sunday we rambled a little cliff top circuit all the way to the pub. It was dark when we left...Really, very dark.
Day 141 - Walk Home

Day 142: Monday 11th October - Christmas is a coming...(I know, already!) and today I have been creating some festive critters...
Day 142 - Christmas is a coming

I have those tee designs from last weeks printing marathon to show you tomorrow...stay tuned!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Hello October...29 Project: Days 132 - 138

I have been a busy bee this week printing a brand new batch of tour tees for Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip who are heading off around the country next week playing their music...I created two brand new designs for them, one for a tee and the other for a little babygrow which was very nice to do.

I will show you the new designs in due course (they have come out very well indeed!) but since they won't be arriving with their musical pals til Monday I'm going to hold off until then so they can have the first look...

In the meantime, here are the outstanding 29 project pics from the beginning of October. I am going to try and be more up to date with this from now on...!

29 Project: Days 132 - 138...

Day 132: Friday October 1st - New things! A happy order of new and very pretty things arrived which pleased and cheered me up greatly. Especially since they were all complete bargains, hurrah!
Day 132 - New Things

Day 133: Saturday October 2nd - Stormy Skies. Headed into Truro at twilight saw the sky come over all yellow and stormy. It was very beautiful...
Day 133 - Stormy Skies

Day 134: Sunday October 3rd - Looking. (There are more pictures for this day over at my Flickr too...) Mark and I took a walk along the cliff path. The sea was being very strange, from a distance it looked quite calm, but big swell was rumbling under the surface and causing lots of crashing waves and foam at the bottom of the cliffs. Here is me, mesmerised by the water:
Day 134 - Looking

Day 135: Monday October 4th - Lou Lou. Need I say more? She is the usual distraction for me!
Day 135 - Lou Lou

Day 136: Tuesday October 5th - Pile O Tees. Here they are, the blanks for the printing project I have been working on this week...hundreds of them...
Day 136 - Pile O Tees

Day 137: Wednesday October 6th - Pia and the Beasties. A little horsey (and beastie) fix in the middle of the printing mayhem! I have been riding her this week in preparation for a competition next week.
Day 137 - Pia and the Beasties

Day 138: Thursday October 7th - The print marathon is over! Two and a half days and 600+ prints, many hours of heat setting, lots of rolling and sticking later, here we are at the end. 300 T-shirts and babygrows are ready for the off!
Day 138 - The End of the Print Marathon

I hope everyone has a great weekend...I will be showing you new work on Monday, yay!

Monday, 4 October 2010

29 project: Days 122 - 131

It's been a funny week...I have known for a little while but didn't want to say until the cheque went in and everything was final - I have sold my beloved Lauder horse. I have been meaning to sell him for the best part of six years (yes, really!) and have only sporadically, half heartedly advertised him from time to time because I didn't really want to sell him. But now it's happened! I've been so lucky to own him for the last seven years and it's very weird not to have him now, I miss him tons.

Still, I am a very lucky lady in that every so often I will still be riding the lovely Miss Pia so I can still carry on with my most favourite of pastimes. Very lucky indeed.

Anyway, a biiig 29 project update for you today. I have been working on lots of new stuff, going out and about and generally trying to distract myself!

29 Project - Days 122 - 131...

Day 122: Tuesday 21st September - Sketching...what quality drawings I come up with at the brainstorming stage! Working on new tee designs...
Day122 - Sketchin'

Day 123: Wednesday 22nd September - More Sketching. This time the design is being sketched into photoshop so I can work on layout and colour.
Day 123 - Print design sketchin'

Day 124: Thursday 23rd September - Can you see a pattern emerging this week?! I was glued to the computer...More print design sketching, playing with layouts and sizing.
Day 124 - Print design sketchin' some more

Day 125: Friday 24th September - Grubs Up! Ah, this is good Friday evening fodder, home made ratatouille, salad, bread and beer. Yum.
Day 125 - Grub's Up

Day 126: Saturday 25th September - Thai Again! Yay! A big bunch of us went and had Thai for our friend Claire's birthday. It was delicious as usual (it's my favourite, I may have mentioned this before...!)
Day 126 - Thai Favourite again...

Day 127: Sunday 26th September - View from the King Harry Ferry. Mark and I took a trip down to Falmouth to have another dinner out (Nepalese this time) for another friend, Lisa's birthday. It was such a nice evening we decided to take the ferry. When I was a kid my brother and I used to call it the King Hairy Fairy...we were hilarious.
Day 127 - View From the Ferry

Day 128: Monday 27th September - Jewellery Trying...and photographing and measuring and getting lots of lovely new pieces ready to go in the shop!
Day 128 - Jewellery Trying

Day 129: Tuesday 28th September - So Long my Beloved Steed...Today was the day he went. A hard, sad day. I spent the whole week beforehand trying not to think about it and enjoying him. It's taking some time to get used to not having a four legged beast to look after everyday, I keep feeling like I have forgotten to do something major! Anyway, he's going to be teaching someone new all of his dressage moves, I hope he is a good boy...I didn't want to take any pictures of him leaving, so here we are at a competition last year:
Day 129 - So Long my Beloved Steed

Day 130: Wednesday 29th September - Quartz. Taking my mind off things by going to watch a dressage clinic, looking at pretty stones and conjuring new jewels...
Day 130 - Quartz

Day 131: Thursday 30th September - Cupcakes. I don't bake much (the last time was the rainbow cake attempt!) but I had the sudden urge to so made these ginger cakes. Wonky, misshapen, and varying in size, it's baking Bonbi style!
Day 131 - Cakes!

That's it for now...The 29 project will continue with October updates very soon!