Monday, 25 October 2010

Frames and agates...

I hope everyone had a good weekend? We had a lovely was Mark's 30th birthday so we spent it flitting about seeing family and friends which was sooopa fun! I have a 29 project update lined up for later today which features the weekend's frolics, and also a peek at new Christmas cards. I meant to release these last week, but due to a printer/card argument I had to put that back a little bit, but ready they now are!

In the meantime I have finally gotten around to framing my original Pegasus and Hiders drawings and they are now available in the shop. Both of these drawings have little white on white details which don't come across on any of the other goodies I have for sale of these guys as it's so these two are a bit special!

Hiders Framed Original Drawing

Pegasus Framed Original Drawing

I also have a limited batch of fabulous new agate necklaces coming to the shop soon too which will be followed by a new jewels update later this week...
I LOVE these.

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