Thursday, 23 September 2010

Swallows, Autumn and Tiny Rings...

I have been squirrelling away some new jewels for you guys! I have a few pieces that will be going in the shop next week, and more (like the dainty rings you can have a peek at below) that will be part of a brand new collection coming soooon!

Have a gander:
New Swallow Bracelets
New Swallow Bracelets...
Autumn English Garden Necklace
Autumn English Garden Necklace
New Dainty Rings
Dainty Rings...

ALSO: How cute is this little brooch?! I Saw Anna from Custom Made twittering about it and told her I wanted one and we did a swap. I sent her a tote and a card in return for this soooopa brooch. I love it, and we both agreed it would be perfect pony attire. After all, a red rosette means WIN!!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Yet again: I'm back!

This is turning into the year of frequent trips away it seems, aren't I lucky?! This last little holiday was really very good, spending fun time with friends at The End of the Road music festival, like I mentioned before, and then some time at good ole Centre Parcs = Awesome.

I have a MASSIVE 29 project update for you today and some new jewels for you tomorrow which include a limited edition garden themed pendant and a new bird bracelet. All with an Autumnal theme you understand.

Anyway, for now here are about 10 days worth of images from the last week or so, as always there are more on my Flickr Page:

29 Project - Days 111 - 121:

Day 111: Friday 10th September - Peacock Silhouettes. Our first day at The End of the Road festival in Dorset's Larmer Tree Gardens where they have lots of Peacocks roaming freely. it is very wonderful and this year there were babies to be seen...adorable!
Day 111 - Peacock Silhouettes

Day 112: Saturday 11th September - Iron and Wine. I finally got to see him! After years of loving his music I finally saw Iron and Wine live and he played a beautiful stripped down set. Just him, a guitar and a bloke on the piano. So good and my highlight of the festival!
Day 112 - Iron and Wine

Day 113: Sunday 12th September - The Garden Stage. I love the setting at End of the Road, the main stage is set in an enclosed garden with trees all around. Everyone brings rugs and chairs and sits about during the day listening to the loveliness.
Day 113 - Garden Stage

Day 114: Monday 13th September - On to Centre Parcs! After the festival, Mark and I spent the rest of the week at good old Centre Parcs with our friends Simon and Lucy and their little girl Charlotte. This here cabin was our home for the week...It was a little dated, (next in line for the upgrade I think!) like stepping back to a crumbling 90's in fact but we had a sauna (didn't use it) and and en-suite each so you know, we coped. Ha!
Day 114 - Our Home for the Week

Day 115: Tuesday 14th September - Rapids! One of the great things about Centre Parcs is it's multi-faceted swimming pool. It's all flumes, hot tubs, plunge pools, wave machines and river rapids. Rad.
Day 115 - Rapids

Day 116: Wednesday 15th September - Mark on his bike. Well, about to get on it anyway...The only transport here is bicycles or the land train.
Day 116 - Mark and his Bike

Day 117: Thursday 16th September - Longleat Safari park!! I have wanted to come here for AGES, especially since I knew they have giraffes here. It is a little known fact that giraffes are my favourite of all the animals (apart from horses). I haven't seen any for real since a wonderful trip to feed them at Bush Gardens in Florida about 10 years ago. One day I will see them in their natural habitat I hope but for now these kind of safari parks will have to satisfy my giraffe fix...I took so many pictures of today, I couldn't pick just one, so here you have a giraffe and a greedy deer:
Day 117 - My favourite!
Day 117 - Deer

Day 118: Friday 17th September - The road home. Alas, all holidays have to come to an end and here we are making our way home across Bodmin Moor...
Day 118 - Road Home

Day 119: Saturday 18th September - Show Time! Not one for a quiet life I agreed to ride lovely Pia in a dressage competition the day after we got back from holiday! Here I am in the horsebox with my dressage glad rags on (my coat isn't dirty by the way, I think it is a strange reflection on the mirror...!). It was a successful day despite Pia being a little on her toes and we chalked up two wins.
Day 119 - Show Time

Day 120: Sunday 19th September - Exit. It was our friend Kim's birthday and we went to the pub where I spied this sign with it's odd wording!
Day 120 - Exit to Car Park

Day 121: Monday 20th September - Morning stroll. Another shot from atop my Lauder horse!
Day 121 - Lauder and his Shadow

Well, I think that's enough for now! I will update this here project again in a few days. I will show you new jewels tomorrow my friends...

Thursday, 9 September 2010

29 Project and some free ship shopping!

Hey! Tomorrow I am setting off on my hols...A bunch of us are heading to the End of the Road festival in Dorset's Larmer Tree Gardens and then Mark and I and our friends Lucy and Simon and their little girl are going on for a few days at Centre Parcs too, which I imagine will involve lots of bicycling and throwing ourselves down the river rapids, ha!

So, because of this, all orders placed from now until the 20th will ship on the 20th asap and in ship shape first class fashion. In the meantime you can get yourself some free ship shopping! Just enter the code FREESHIPSHOP at checkout...
Free shipping!

So, here's the latest installment of the 29 project...

Days 108 - 110:

Day 108: Tuesday 7th September - Making jewels...stocking up etc with these pretty bits n pieces...
Day 108 - Jewel Making

Day 109: Wednesday 8th September - Mark and I took a trip up to North Cornwall to go and visit his Mama. She's off to Australia for 4 weeks next week to visit Mark's brother and his wife Natalie and their new baby, Morwenna. I'm very jealous! Anyway, this moody looking shot was snapped at twilight on a humble Nokia...I quite like how it came out!
Day 109 - Filmic Driving

Day 110: Thursday 9th September - Today. I was trying to pack the tent for the weekend after giving it an airing and the kitties decided it was all great fun...cute but quite the hindrance!
Day 110 - Naughty Tent Cats

This will be my last post for a week or so...As usual just before I go away I am bursting with ideas which I hope to be able to crack on with when I get back. Lots of projects I wanna get going!!

I hope you all have a fab weekend and good week next week...

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

All the Kings Horses

Here it is! I know I posted a quick photograph of this a little while back, but I finally got it scanned and here is properly: 'All the Kings Horses' painted with gouache onto wood:
All the Kings Horses
It has a herd of horses being ridden by a ghostly Cavalry...
The dimensions of this piece are a bit unusual i.e would be difficult to find a frame to fit...but I am thinking of making it into a print. What do you think?

Also, there are new cards in the shop! See them in the newly re-organised Cards and Prints section of the shop. I have more on the way too...
New Cards...

29 Project: Days 103 - 107

Here's an update of the last week!

Days 103 - 107:

Day 103: Thursday 2nd September - Thai again! I went for dinner with the ladies and we chose to sit upstairs, not just for the novelty of sitting on the floor pads, but also because downstairs there was the rather odd entertainment choice of a guy playing schmaltzy ballads on an electric piano...!
Day 103 - Thai Dinner, my favorite!

Day 104: Friday 3rd September - Uh oh, I think Autumn is a coming...
Day 104 - Autumn is a Coming

Day 105: Saturday 4th September - Horse Trials. I always like heading over to Ladock horse trials...I used to compete here when I was younger and it's fun to go and watch. Plus they do a good Pimms!
Day 105 - Ladock Horse Trials

Day 106: Sunday 5th September - Berry Picking. I really wanted to make a blackberry and apple crumble so Mark and I went to pick some berries! There were so many we ended up picking enough for not only us, but some for my folks too and enough to freeze a big batch for mid-winter crumbles. Yum. There are a few more berry pics on my Flickr page...)
Day 106 - Mark & the Blackberries

Day 107: Monday 6th September - Lichen. I walk past these everyday and love their colours and shapes. So pretty.
Day 107 - Lichens

Friday, 3 September 2010

For ever and ever...

What a day...rush, rush, rush! I'm afraid I didn't have a chance to get the cards I so wanted to show you today photographed, but instead I just wanted to share this little painting I made as a wedding present for the dear friends that got married last weekend...

It is painted with gouache onto paper and framed in a white painted wood frame with a mount...(if you want to see it bigger, you can do over at my Flickr photostream)
Nicola & Chris for ever and ever...

Anyway...I have added those little birds from yesterdays blog post to the shop today. Hurrah! They are available as prints (HERE!) and I also have the colourful framed originals for sale too, HERE!

I hope to have the cards up for your perusal very soon!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

New things are a coming...

As I mentioned earlier I have lots of new bits and pieces which will be added to the shop very soon including new jewels, prints, and some original drawings too...As well as these, I have some new cards as that I will show you tomorrow!

First up, there is a selection of framed colourful birds winging their way to the shop...they will be available as prints soon too:

Bird drawings: Gouache on Paper. 21 x 14.5 cm. Framed in painted wood frames.
Pink Bird Framed Original Drawing
Little Bird Yellow Framed Original Drawing
Green Bird Framed Original Drawing

Another original: Black Beauty - Gouache on paper. 21 x 14.5. Framed in a painted wood frame with mount.
Black Beauty Framed Original Drawing

I also have some more of these cute as pie lockets and vintage blossom stud earrings ready to be re-stocked...yay!
Mini Lockets
Blossoms and Blooms

Part two...29 project: Days 96 - 102

So here are the rest of this last couple of weeks in 29 project form...later today I will be posting some pics of new work and jewels that will be gracing the shop over the next few days!

29 project: Days 96 - 102

Day 96: Thursday 26th August - Haywards Heath. Last Thursday Mark and I were heading Brighton-wards for the bank holiday weekend to catch up with good friends and see a best friend get married. It was a long train journey. Seven and a half hours and three changes! that's what living in Cornwall in the back of beyond does for you...
Day 96 - Hayward Heath

Day 97: Friday 27th August - Dustin and the Balloons. Mark and I took a big bag of bunting over to our friends wedding reception venue and helped them get it looking all pretty. There are a couple more different pics for today over at my Flickr photostream, but I chose this one for all of the colours...and the gorgeous, ginormous beast of a dog named Dustin.
Day 97 - Dustin and the Balloons

Day 98: Saturday 28th August - Mr and Mrs Mellett! It's a bit blurry but here are the beautiful pair cutting their wedding cake under twinkling disco lights...Incidentally, the groom made the cake which was a very girly pink and purple butterfly affair with 3 layers, all of which were flavoured differently...Good work Chris!
Day 98 - Mr & Mrs Mellett

Day 99: Sunday 29th August - Sundown in Brighton after a good day of park walks, book shopping and Sunday roast at the Yeoman...
Day 99 - Sundown in Brighton

Day 100: Monday 30th August - Bank holiday Monday and day 100 of this project...I thought I might have something a little more exciting and 'ta daa' to commemorate this day, but I was on another epic train journey back to least the light was beautiful:
Day 100 - Sun through Glass

Day 101: Tuesday 31st August - After two weeks of posting nothing on this here blog I spent the evening sifting through all of the photos and getting them ready for these last two updates!
Day 101 - Sorting the 29 project...

Day 102: Wednesday 1st September - Printing lots...and re-stocking the shop!
Day 102 - Printing Lots

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I'm back!

I'm back and back into work...This last couple of weeks has been so busy not just with all things Bonbi, but there has been lots going on with family and friends too. It's been a bit of a whirlwind!

I have lots to show you and I am going to start with one half of a large 29 project update. Tomorrow I will post the second half, and also some new bits and pieces I have been working on and that will be due in the shop shortly.

Ready? Set? GO!

29 project: Days 87 - 95...

Day 87: Tuesday 17th August - Barn Bunting. We went to a wedding reception where the barn setting was decorated beautifully with colourful balloons and flowers and strings of bunting we lent for the this moment we are in the midst of playing a russian party game. It involved lots of running...!
Day 87 - Barn Bunting

Day 88: Wednesday 18th August - Tagging and packing in preparation for the Cornwall Design Fair the coming weekend...I had 6 metres of wall space and a huge table to display all of the Bonbi wares. There was lots to do!
Day 88 - Tagging and Packing

Day 89: Thursday 19th August - I spent the morning printing a new range of cards featuring my paintings for the fair...they came out really well and were very popular. they'll be in the shop soon!
Day 89 - New cards

Day 90: Friday 20th August - The Stand. What a day! Mark (who is my trusty helper at these kind of do's) and I spent all afternoon setting up the stand in time for the private view that evening. I wasn't entirely happy with it, but it went down very well with the customers indeed!!
Day 90 - The Stand

Day 91: Saturday 21st August - Babies! Back at Trereife House for Day 2 of the Design Fair and these babies were in the field by the sweet!
Day 91 - Babies!

Day 92: Sunday 22nd August - The big take down. It took a 5th of the time to take the stand down and pack everything up properly that it took to set it all up!
Day 92 - The big take down

Day 93: Monday 23rd August - Tim came home! Our friend Tim (who was also a photographer at our wedding) came home from his epic cycle trip from John O Groats to Lands End via Ireland and Wales. He completed it on his own with no back up team. A big bunch of us went to Lands End to meet him and in true Timba style he rolled in wearing orange sunglasses and had a smoke on...Good work Tim, we are so proud!!
Day 93 - Tim came home

Day 94: Tuesday 24th August - Dressage Lessons. My 5th (and thankfully final for this week) trip down west was with my mama and our horses Pia and Lauder for our monthly dressage lessons with our trainer Robert Pickles who is brilliant...
Day 94 - Dressage Lessons

Day 95: Wednesday 25th August - Wanker. I DIDN'T WRITE THIS!! I was paying in the moneys from the design fair and the note machine repeatedly wouldn't take this one note. I turned it over and found delightful! I have since passed it on...
Day 95 - Wanker

More tomorrow peeps!