Tuesday, 7 September 2010

29 Project: Days 103 - 107

Here's an update of the last week!

Days 103 - 107:

Day 103: Thursday 2nd September - Thai again! I went for dinner with the ladies and we chose to sit upstairs, not just for the novelty of sitting on the floor pads, but also because downstairs there was the rather odd entertainment choice of a guy playing schmaltzy ballads on an electric piano...!
Day 103 - Thai Dinner, my favorite!

Day 104: Friday 3rd September - Uh oh, I think Autumn is a coming...
Day 104 - Autumn is a Coming

Day 105: Saturday 4th September - Horse Trials. I always like heading over to Ladock horse trials...I used to compete here when I was younger and it's fun to go and watch. Plus they do a good Pimms!
Day 105 - Ladock Horse Trials

Day 106: Sunday 5th September - Berry Picking. I really wanted to make a blackberry and apple crumble so Mark and I went to pick some berries! There were so many we ended up picking enough for not only us, but some for my folks too and enough to freeze a big batch for mid-winter crumbles. Yum. There are a few more berry pics on my Flickr page...)
Day 106 - Mark & the Blackberries

Day 107: Monday 6th September - Lichen. I walk past these everyday and love their colours and shapes. So pretty.
Day 107 - Lichens

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