Thursday, 23 September 2010

Swallows, Autumn and Tiny Rings...

I have been squirrelling away some new jewels for you guys! I have a few pieces that will be going in the shop next week, and more (like the dainty rings you can have a peek at below) that will be part of a brand new collection coming soooon!

Have a gander:
New Swallow Bracelets
New Swallow Bracelets...
Autumn English Garden Necklace
Autumn English Garden Necklace
New Dainty Rings
Dainty Rings...

ALSO: How cute is this little brooch?! I Saw Anna from Custom Made twittering about it and told her I wanted one and we did a swap. I sent her a tote and a card in return for this soooopa brooch. I love it, and we both agreed it would be perfect pony attire. After all, a red rosette means WIN!!

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