Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Let it snow...

I do love a bit of snow once and a while and am hoping we see a little dusting here in Cornwall this winter. Just as long as it isn't the prolonged sort of heavy blanket that seems to cripple our silly country and stops me getting the the studio...I have done much sliding in the car this last couple of winters and can safely say that I don't enjoy it!

Since the turning of the clocks and the inevitable darkening nights though, my thoughts have naturally turned to more wintery themes and I have found that images of little snowflakes have been finding their way into my work. I have made a selection of brand new LIMITED EDITION lockets for you featuring these lovely little shapes, all of which have been adorned with a scattering of the usual Bonbi Forest charms and sparkles...Have a look see HERE in the shop. I do hope you like them...

It's been snowing at Bonbi Forest!

There is also a little ring for sparkling up those fingers too!

Snowflake Ring

Talking of wintery frozen things, tonight is the second episode of the latest David Attenborough documentary, Frozen Planet. last week's was amazingly beautiful and I am very much looking forward to this weeks! Have a read about it HERE!