Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Bonbi Forestry

Some sneak pics of some new work I am very excited about...I just loved the shadows in the studio from the many light angles in there :)

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sushyue Liao

I came across these beautiful photographs by Sushyue Liao on the Creature Comforts blog the other day and can't stop looking at them...the colours, compositions and birds are just so amazing. Love!See more of these wonderful photographs HERE!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Valerie Hammond

Slap my wrists but I can't remember where I came across Valerie Hammond's work, I was just so blown away by it's delicate beauty and saved the page I was re-directed to before I could lose it forever...See more of these amazing lithographs and prints HERE!

Carey Young and more Tassles!!

I have just added some gorgeous purses to the store today from our newest designer, Carey Young. Carey specializes in woven textiles and the purses are made out of soft Jacquard woven fabrics and embellished with reclaimed leather panels. The colours are beautiful and they are the perfect size for keeping coins and cards safe and sound...see and shop all Carey Young purses HERE!

Back in stock we also have the popular and super versatile Babushka Tassles from Stolen Thunder and other tassles in great summer colours too. These feature peace doves and love hearts and like the Babushka Tassle close with a Stolen Thunder branded plectrum.

They are so soft and can be worn in so many different ways (as a bracelet, necklace, headband, anklet, top arm band or any other way you can think of!) they are one of my favorite wearable accessories in the store right now :)

See and shop all Stolen Thunder accessories HERE!!

Time flies!

Goodness, I can't believe it has been 20 days since I last posted a post here. I also can't believe we are 21 days into April already either, arg!

It has been an incredibly busy few weeks here which is why I have been neglecting the blog a lot. Earlier in the month I spent nearly a week having last minute lessons and then competed at the national dressage championships. It was my first major championships and I was so nervous which meant I didn't really ride at my best and we came's still 14th in the country though so I wasn't too disappointed with myself, ha! :)

and I also took a trip up to Bristol to see our friend Natasha and her Bat For Lashes show which was so good. I know I am biased but really, I was so proud!! If you missed out on getting tickets for her tour she is playing Jools Holland's show tonight on BBC 2 and again on Friday (I don't know why Jools does that weird split show thing...anyone?), if the live show was anything to go by it will be worth watching for sure.

I have also been re-designing the Bonbi Forest store, I am SO excited and hoping the re-launch will be in about a months time. I have already started tweaking little aspects of bits and pieces (such as the header in the most recent newsletter) and I hope you guys will love it as much as I do!!! Anyways, more about that nearer the time...

ANYWAY! Before I waffle on for too long here are a few recent colourful springtime pics...including one of a boisterous Lauder horse which I included because it made me smile!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Happy April!

At 12:45 it's well past the yard stick for fooling now, we're safe! Hurrah!

Anyways, I have added some new bits and pieces to the store over the last couple of days...we have some gorgeous new earthy tees from Victrola Studio in store now. With pretty floral prints, soft colours and feminine cuts, the tops are very flattering...See and shop them HERE!

Also in are my new Bonbi Forest bracelets...They are made with a selection of vintage and new chains and are adorned with silver and gold tone feather charms and little stars...they are very limited edition due to the vintage components and are available HERE!!

I nearly forgot to mention the new Owl Scarves too!! Now available in Lemon and Teal...HERE!!

More coming soon too! I hope that if it is sunny wherever you are you manage to get out and about and enjoy it...I will be trying to though I have got some exciting new stuff I am working on in the studio at the moment so will be opening all of the windows and the door to let some springtime in :)