Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Happy April!

At 12:45 it's well past the yard stick for fooling now, we're safe! Hurrah!

Anyways, I have added some new bits and pieces to the store over the last couple of days...we have some gorgeous new earthy tees from Victrola Studio in store now. With pretty floral prints, soft colours and feminine cuts, the tops are very flattering...See and shop them HERE!

Also in are my new Bonbi Forest bracelets...They are made with a selection of vintage and new chains and are adorned with silver and gold tone feather charms and little stars...they are very limited edition due to the vintage components and are available HERE!!

I nearly forgot to mention the new Owl Scarves too!! Now available in Lemon and Teal...HERE!!

More coming soon too! I hope that if it is sunny wherever you are you manage to get out and about and enjoy it...I will be trying to though I have got some exciting new stuff I am working on in the studio at the moment so will be opening all of the windows and the door to let some springtime in :)

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Victrola said...

Hi Lee, great photo! Hope you dont mind i posted one of your images on my flickr account. Of course i listed your website. Thanks so much:)