Saturday, 24 November 2007

Nature Trail

We have another new designer in the store, The Sparrow Fist!!!

Leyda Campbell is the talented lady behind the label, making beautiful nature inspired jewellery and accessories. We have some cute brooches and lovely necklaces in the store for your perusal...

Get your beautiful Sparrow Fist creations HERE!!

Also, coming soon: More of the super popular jewellery from Cat and Bang, watch this space!


Thursday, 15 November 2007

Space and Nature...

We are busy bees here at Bonbi Forest, gearing up for the festive season...I heard on the radio the other day it's only 6 weeks until the big Crimbletide day. 6 weeks??!!! When did that happen?!

So anyway, I finally got around to making some new jewellery for the store! Hurrah!

I have been working along a space and nature theme, juxtaposing vintage brass stars, hand carved moons, and twinkling sparkling Swarovski crystals with vintage aged brass leaves and feathers, earthy Mookaite stones, and pretty frosted lockets...

See and shop these pieces HERE!! Most items are one of a kind and a few are very limited to 2 or 3 pieces...Special items indeed!

In other news, Bonbi Forest has moved into the new studio!!! It's amazing! I will post pictures of it soon enough...