Tuesday, 29 June 2010

29 Project: Days 35 - 38...

Here's the 29 project update I was hoping to get up on the blog yesterday...a busy busy Monday meant I couldn't but here they are, hurrah!

Day 35: Saturday 26th June - Welly wanging! A bunch of us went to celebrate the wedding of some friends at the weekend (congrats Tammy and James!!) and part of the entertainment was a welly wanging contest. Here is our friend Pete trying to throw that wellington boot far, far and away (you have to swing it over your head and behind you as far as you can...I tried and was rubbish!)Day 36: Sunday 27th June - A new painting on the go...sketches for now but the finished article will be posted here as soon as...Day 37: Monday 28th June - Jumping Beans. I spied Lou-Lou cat staring intently at these seeds that were jumping about on the ground. On closer inspection they have a tiny, tiny bug inside! This is a very macro picture as they are only about 7mm across and I have never seen anything like them. If anyone has any idea what they are or will be, please do let me know!Day 38: Tuesday 29th June - Star Pattern Printing. A bit of a boring one today I'm afraid as I have been printing, printing, printing allll day. These are Star Pattern Dresses still in the two colour pinwheel phase...More tomorrow!

Monday, 28 June 2010

New delights...

Hello all, I hope you had a good weekend? Mine was spent with friends at a wedding party and then a barbecue, all in all making the most of this beautiful weather. It's been so warm recently I have only worn trousers once since returning from Kefalonia, instead I have been donning shorts everyday and swanning about in dresses of an evening out. More please!

Anyway, I have been conjuring a few new jewels for you! I am still enjoying using unusual faceted chunks of semi-precious gemstones, and this time it's Rainbow Obsidian and Pink Peruvian Opal that have been fashioned into wearables...I like sourcing out the meanings of the stones too, not that I am ever going to get into that kind of thing in any depth, but I do find it interesting what different cultures believe they have the power to do!

Here they are:

In the Absence of Light Necklace - £14.50Gentle Love Necklace - £15.50I hope you like them!

29 project update coming later...

Friday, 25 June 2010

29 project: Day 34

Day 34: Friday 25th June - Ametrine and antlers...

(Ametrine Strand Necklace, available HERE!)

Happy weekend to you all!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

29 project: Days 32 and 33...

I'm thick in the midst of making and designing lots of things for my shop and other shops at the moment, and the last couple of days there has been some nice food shaped distractions for me:

Day 32: Wednesday 23rd June - Mark's mum, Gail, makes an awesome pasty. We went round to her house yesterday to eat these GIANTS!! They always look too much, but they taste so good we always eat them up...!Day 33: Thursday 24th June - I love this time of year, my dad grows strawberries every year and now is when I get to go around and gobble them up...

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I have put a couple of original paintings in the shop today! They are both painted with gouache on wooden 'plaques' and have been varnished with a satin finish for easy care. The paintings run around and over the edges of the wood (of course! I like to go over the edges...) and are completely original and one of a kind...

Have a look at them in the Originals section of the shop:

The Stillness of Horses: Gouache on wood, 29.5 x 19cm.
Forever: Gouache on wood, 11 x 11.5cm.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Herd and day 31...

Here is my latest painting, it's called The Herd (another horsey effort) and is painted with Gouache on wood:
Here is day 31 of the 29 project too!

Day 31: Tuesday 22nd June - Little birds. A sweet package containing these sweet tweeters arrived today from lovely Sami of Teasemade! She stitched my bird drawings from my All You Need is Love card onto brooches and they are so beautiful. I have pinned them to this mini canvas I made a while back and hung it on our ever growing art wall, in this pic you can see another wonderful stitched pressie from Claire at Miso Funky and on the right a Gemma Correll original I picked up at the Soup Gallery...

Monday, 21 June 2010

29 Project: Days 28 -> 30

Happy Monday one and all, I hope everyone had a good weekend and that if you are experiencing the same kind of glorious sunshine we have been having down here in Cornwall, that you managed to get out n about and enjoy it somewhat!

Here are days 28 -> 30 of the 29 project...

Day 28: Saturday 19th June - This fella is called Michael Palin. We met in the wee hours of Saturday morning and watched night turn into day at his house. It was much fun.Day 29: Sunday 20th June - Sketching with stitching. I have plans my friends, plans...
Day 30: Monday 21st June - Summertime! Today I treated myself to a brand new Filofax, hurrah! This isn't it. This is my old student days one that is a little beaten and smells funny and is complete with old, full diary and NUS card...P.S: Don't forget the tee sale! It finishes on Friday at midnight...See and shop HERE.

Friday, 18 June 2010

29 project: Days 26 and 27

Today has been a good day: Mark and I have our first niece! Congratulations to Mark's brother Ian and his wife Natalie and welcome to the world baby Morwenna Jean. The happy family live over in Melbourne, Australia so unfortunately we won't get to meet her for a few months, but I'm sure that will make it all the more exciting when we finally do!

So, here are days 26 and 27 of the 29 project:

Day 26: Thursday 17th June - It was an absolute scorcher and all the flies seem to have woken up and come to pester the horses, so here is Lauder modeling his fly rug and his cute give-me-a-treat expression!Day 27: Friday 18th June - I've been printing a new pattern design today...little houses and big leaves:
If you haven't seen the website already then I also wanted to let you know that I am having a big tee sale! All tees are 25% off (excluding Le Sac vs Pip ones) for one week only, so hot foot it over to the shop if you fancy bagging yourself a summer bargain...see and shop all tees HERE!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

29 Project: Day 25

Today I am working on new designs and it feels good!

Here is yesterday's installment of the 29 project...

Day 25: Wednesday June 16th - Some finished versions of my new jewellery packaging. I am more than happy with these little cuties and will be sending out all of your trinkets and jewels in them just as soon as I have a big bunch printed...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

29 project: Days 19 - 24

This installment of my 29 project brings us bang up to date, hurrah! Here you go:

Day 19: Thursday 10th June - Me on a boat. I don't usually like boats, it stems from an irrational childhood fear, but last Thursday we hired one and had the most awesome day bobbing around the coast of Kefalonia visiting deserted beaches and swimming. Wonderful!
Day 20: Friday 11th June - A beautiful painted window frame in Fiscardo harbour. I bought ceramic butterflies here. There are a lot of butterflies in Kefalonia.Day 21: Saturday 12th June - Back on home soil at Heathrow airport. Boo!Day 22: Sunday 13th June - Crossing the border. Going over the Tamar on the way home on the train from Devon into Cornwall...Day 23: Monday 14th June - Trying out my new Greek slippers for size. They make my feet look massive, but I'm a sucker for souvenirs in bright colours!Day 24: Today, Tuesday 15th June - I'm well back into work now and working on this new jewellery packaging as an alternative to boxes. It's off to a good start I feel...As usual, I found editing my pics down to this little lot terribly hard, so there are just a few more pics if you would like to see them, over at my Flickr page...


A little while ago I mentioned that I had been drawing a lot of horses of late. It seems that with his little delicate wings and nonplussed expression, you guys were particularly taken with the little Pegasus I painted...and so he is now available as a print!

As always, printed with fade resistant archival inks onto a lovely matte archival paper, signed on the back, and he is available in two sizes - conventional A5 and A4 for easy framing:
Bag yourself a Pegasus HERE!

I also have never mentioned that selected pieces of my work are available through fabulous art and illustration portal Society6. I have yet to get lots of things up there but a few (mostly horse based) pieces can be bought as prints, IPod skins and Laptop skins. If you would like to decorate your techy gadgets with my pictures, then you can see and shop them HERE!

Monday, 14 June 2010

29 project: Days 12 -> 18

My 29 project continues and I have yet to miss a day, hurrah! Here are days 12 to 18, spanning leaving Cornwall to go to London and on to Kefalonia for our honeymoon...I shall blog day 19 to the present tomorrow.

(Oh yes, it was most difficult to pick just one picture for many days and if you like you can see a few more over on my Flickr page...)

Day 12 - Going to London, sun in my eyes:Day 13 - Lunch at Whole Foods in High Street Kensington:Day 14 - Alps:Day 15 - Little boats in Fiscardo harbour:Day 16 - View from a Venetian window:
Day 17 - Blue sky = blue sea:Day 18 - Mark and his Star Pattern tee at the Panorama Taverna:More tomorrow....!

...and I'm back again!

I'm back from the very beautiful Kefalonia (or Cephalonia, Kefallonia or Kefallinia...it's the place with the most spelling ever) and getting back into the swing of things after all of that wedding rumpus! Look how pretty it is there. I wish we could have taken another week!

I'm quite sad it's all over, it's been the best 3 weeks of my life but alas, there is only so much celebrating, partying and holidaying one can do and so today I am easing back to work and normality and preparing for exciting things to come...

I have lots of ideas on the go after all that time off and will be getting many of them ready for action in time for taking part in the Bust London Summer Craftacular! It is taking place at the York Hall in Bethnal Green on the 10th of July and if you can make it it would be super to see you there...More info can be found on the Bust website HERE!

So anyway, thank you to everyone who has sent their well wishes over the last few weeks. It's been awesome! The shop will be back to shipping in it's usual timely manner now and I will be updating lots of pics for my 29 project later today...stay tuned!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Of course, I've been away...

I'm back - just for a day - and the wedding was wonderful! The weather held back it's forecast grey and drizzle at just the right time and we were able to say our vows under the canopy of the beautiful thatched summer house at Rosteague House, while our guests mingled amongst the pretty French style boxed hedges in the garden. Lucky us, it was a magical and very happy moment.

Wedding fever has kept me from the blog so here is a catch up on days 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of my 29 project:

Day 5: Thursday may 27th - The first of our guests started to arrive! Mark on the right with our friend Tim in the campsite waiting for beers to drink in the late evening sun. Perfect.
Day 6: Friday May 28th - The evening before. Here are our good friends and photography aces Ash and Tim munching some good old pub grub. Check out more of their work on Flickr: Ashley Hampson and Tim Lawrence.
Day 7: Saturday May 29th - Our wedding day! (I clearly didn't take this image, but it was snapped by our friend Miss Gemma Holt-Young)
Day 8: Sunday May 30th - Opening the cards. So many cards from so many very generous people...
Day 9: Monday May 31st - We were given the treat of a 2 night stay at the beautiful Driftwood Hotel and this was the view from our room and deck area. Amazing.
Day 10 - Tuesday June 1st - It got sunny again. Sleepy Clifford cat hiding from the heat.
Day 11: Wednesday June 2nd - The last of the wedding flowers captured before they wilt for good...
My my, what a busy week! We are off on our holidays tomorrow so I may not be blogging again for another week or so...we shall see.

I ought to mention too that because of our jaunt to Greek shores, All orders will ship upon my return on the 14th of June, so please bear this in mind when ordering. Happy early June to you and I will be back soon!