Tuesday, 15 June 2010

29 project: Days 19 - 24

This installment of my 29 project brings us bang up to date, hurrah! Here you go:

Day 19: Thursday 10th June - Me on a boat. I don't usually like boats, it stems from an irrational childhood fear, but last Thursday we hired one and had the most awesome day bobbing around the coast of Kefalonia visiting deserted beaches and swimming. Wonderful!
Day 20: Friday 11th June - A beautiful painted window frame in Fiscardo harbour. I bought ceramic butterflies here. There are a lot of butterflies in Kefalonia.Day 21: Saturday 12th June - Back on home soil at Heathrow airport. Boo!Day 22: Sunday 13th June - Crossing the border. Going over the Tamar on the way home on the train from Devon into Cornwall...Day 23: Monday 14th June - Trying out my new Greek slippers for size. They make my feet look massive, but I'm a sucker for souvenirs in bright colours!Day 24: Today, Tuesday 15th June - I'm well back into work now and working on this new jewellery packaging as an alternative to boxes. It's off to a good start I feel...As usual, I found editing my pics down to this little lot terribly hard, so there are just a few more pics if you would like to see them, over at my Flickr page...

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