Tuesday, 29 June 2010

29 Project: Days 35 - 38...

Here's the 29 project update I was hoping to get up on the blog yesterday...a busy busy Monday meant I couldn't but here they are, hurrah!

Day 35: Saturday 26th June - Welly wanging! A bunch of us went to celebrate the wedding of some friends at the weekend (congrats Tammy and James!!) and part of the entertainment was a welly wanging contest. Here is our friend Pete trying to throw that wellington boot far, far and away (you have to swing it over your head and behind you as far as you can...I tried and was rubbish!)Day 36: Sunday 27th June - A new painting on the go...sketches for now but the finished article will be posted here as soon as...Day 37: Monday 28th June - Jumping Beans. I spied Lou-Lou cat staring intently at these seeds that were jumping about on the ground. On closer inspection they have a tiny, tiny bug inside! This is a very macro picture as they are only about 7mm across and I have never seen anything like them. If anyone has any idea what they are or will be, please do let me know!Day 38: Tuesday 29th June - Star Pattern Printing. A bit of a boring one today I'm afraid as I have been printing, printing, printing allll day. These are Star Pattern Dresses still in the two colour pinwheel phase...More tomorrow!


dawn said...

Ugh, those bugs are ugh, but very intriguing all at the same time, the shells have such an odd edging.

Also I have never welly-wanged, I think it is something I would like to try!!

Thanks for the images. :)

Em said...

Mexican jumping beans have little bugs inside them too! Maybe the seed things are related to them?
We had some and after about 6months they stop jumping because the bug escapes.Pretty cool:D

Lee May Foster said...

Hmm, I think they could be but I can't find anything online that explains these particular little critters! I shall keep my ears open for further info...thank you!

Lost in the Forest said...

I had a question come up in Trivial Pursuits the other day asking why jumping beans jump...they're moth larvae apparently, so I'd imagine something similar?