Saturday, 21 April 2007

The new Bonbi Forest Blog!!

So I thought I would start a blog! I've never done this before so it may change shape somewhat over the coming weeks...

So welcome!!! I thought a Bonbi Forest blog would be a good way of sharing a behind the scenes view of Bonbi Forest, things that inspire me as an artist, and other bits n pieces of news and interest I find hither and thither on my travels...

Things have got quite exciting round here recently:
1. I am working on some rather exciting projects, which I will post about when they happen (i don't want to jinx things!)
2. A new studio space is being set up as I type, it is a conversion of a tumble down old barn here in Cornwall with beautiful greenery all around...Yay! Hopefully we will be moving in there in the next month or so as we have rapidly out grown our current space...there are t-shirts, pencils, jewellery bits, silkscreens, paint pots, paper work, CD's, drawings, etc all over. It's organised to the trained eye (i.e MINE) but a total higgledy piggledy mess to anyone else who tries to find anything!
3. I'm off to my sixth year of spring All Tomorrows Parties next weekend! A whole convoy of us are heading up from Kernow land. I'll be handing out loads of FREE Bonbi Forest button badges to lovely people I meet there too!!
4. What else? I have a dressage horse too, who I am doing fairly well with...So I'll be posting pics of my dressage diva antics too...The day I get back from ATP I am guinea pigging at a lecture demo for my trainer infront of lots of people. I did that once before when ATP was at Camber, I was so tired! Thankfully Minehead (where ATP is now) isn't nearly so far away from Cornwall as Camber...

So yes, I hope you enjoy the Bonbi Fruits of the Forest blog...It won't replace my usual news updates on the website, it's just a bit more in depth!

Until next time....xXx