Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Thank God I'm Alive...

From Small Seeds - Silver

Finally! I have got around to getting a batch of the new From Small Seeds Lockets made and they are now available in the shop: Have a look see HERE!

From Small Seeds - Gold

It is the Brit Awards tonight and my wonderful and ever inspiring friend Natasha is up for Best Female Solo artist. Here is the video for her song 'Lilies'. It's beautiful:

That line, 'Thank god I'm alive', is just so joyous!

Monday, 11 February 2013

She's here!

It's a little late a coming but I have Bonbi baba news...She's here! Ruby Evelyn Wilson arrived not long before midnight on the 17th January and I know I am biased, but she's just gorgeous. She was 7lbs 15oz at birth and 3 and a half weeks on she has grown so much already but is still a tiny bean, I'm taking time to enjoy her as much as I can. We love her so much.

Sleepy Ruby Ruby Evelyn being tiny...

^^Tiny little ginger biscuit!^^

In other news on a completely different note, I have some work in the Girls Who Draw 'Mythical Creatures' exhibition at the Here Gallery in Bristol which runs all the way through to the 6th April. You can see original gouache on paper versions of my Mermaid and Pegasus that I created for the Mythical Creatures postcard book (purchase HERE!) as well as work by all the other illustrators involved...If you are in the area be sure to pay a visit!

Mythical Creatures Exhibition Pegasus Mermaid