Thursday, 21 June 2007

Printing printing printing!

I took some pictures of the latest printing frenzy, it's been the biggest one yet with lots being shipped to new stockists and a big new batch of BFL tees too!

First up are rows of Eskimo kisses and our new hang tags for our first brick and mortar stockists! See the new minty Eskimo Kiss colour, they'll be in the shop next week...The gold is such a great colour but it's a big Hurrah! for people who just can't wear yellow like me!

Below is a preview of all the new BFL colours in the hanging out to dry phase... The teal and lemon ones kind of made the room seem to glow! They have to be hung out because in the current Bonbi Forest work space there isn't enough room to use the heat setter at the same time as printing, it just gets toooo hot! (Click on the image to see it larger...) We should be moving into the new workspace in a couple of weeks. The tiles are picked and the walls are nearly all white!!

I was up quite late heat setting the tees one evening, so Mark brought me a few glasses of Shiraz to keep me going...We listened to Interpol's 'Turn on the bright lights', an album I haven't heard in ages, I really had forgotten quite how good it is! It remind me of walking to college in Brighton, that and a Cat Power album and a And You will Know us by the Trail of Dead one too. They were the ones that seemed to be stuck in my mini disc player back then, back in the pre-ipod days!

We were blessed with the presence of Lou Lou cat for the evening, she had a great time observing everything from the comfort of a piece of wadding and a plastic bag bed...But the pace was too much!! It sure is damn tough watching stuff and purring.

Aww! The cuteness!


Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Lewis and Clarke

Phew! what a few days...I've been printing like mad, and have made over 300 tees since Thursday! Theres a whole bunch being shipped off to the US for our new stockists and also a whole new batch of Bat For Lashes t-shirts, this time with three new colours, they should be up in the shop at the beginning of next week!! Also I have some Eskimo Kiss and Wings! tees in new colours for the summer, lots of brightness and plum!

Anyway, while I've been printing I've been listening to a lot of music and one album that has really gripped me is Lewis and Clarke 'Blasts of Holy Birth'. I'm really no good at music reviews and stuff so I won't even attempt it, but if you click JUST HERE! You can listen and see what you think!! Track 4 is my favorite...

The album cover is pretty lovely too!!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Ernesto Caivano

These amazing drawings are the work of Spanish artist Ernesto Caivano who has been working on a visual story called 'After the Woods' that explores the relationships between man, nature and technology for about 6 years now.

The story itself is about a pair of lovers who are separated for 1000 years after the conception of their child. He becomes a knight who returns to a time before the Renaissance and is able to influence the evolution of plants and nature and she becomes a princess who is taken into the future and becomes a spaceship embodying new technology. The story tells of their love and longing and of their attempts to reunite in a post apocalyptic future, and of the conflicts and challenges their child is faced with...

The drawings themselves are so intricate and beautiful (click each image to see it larger), these are my favorites, I think he says that a series of similar drawings like this are like an explanation of one paragraph or one line of the story...I have always found narrative in art interesting, it makes me think of my (rather unsophisticated!) degree paintings which were a series of paintings called 'Later the same day...' it was meant to be like an unknown story with clues as to the narrative within the images.

I also really love the series Robert Rauscenberg did called 'Short Stories' He named each painting after the page in a book and a line of the page, so each was like a visual representation of a very small part of a much larger story...

This one is 'Page 12, paragraph 5'

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The National

I haven't posted in a while, as things have been really busy! I spent a couple of days selling bits n pieces at the Royal Cornwall show last week and I only took one photo, it's of a man dressed as a massive fag end being interviewed by local radio, not even one of the stall!!

After that we had Natasha come and stay for a couple of days which was lovely! Mark is her website guy too and they were working on some new stuff so it was kind of a business trip as well, but amongst the work we found the time to go and eat some hearty pub grub and go a wandering on the beach too. Yay! Cornwall isn't a bad place to work at all!

My favorite song du jour...Enjoy!!

Monday, 4 June 2007

Bat For Lashes - Whats a Girl To Do?

I wasn't going to post again today but we've just found out about this new video...Check it out!

Postcard for Cut & Paste...

I have designed a postcard for my Bonbi Forest stockists Cut & Paste!

They commission artists from their 'Partner in Craft' consigners to make the cards for them, and they send them out in their orders...You can build up a collection! I'm pleased with mine, it's really bright and summery and has a speaking bird on it...Cheep cheep!