Saturday, 16 June 2007

Ernesto Caivano

These amazing drawings are the work of Spanish artist Ernesto Caivano who has been working on a visual story called 'After the Woods' that explores the relationships between man, nature and technology for about 6 years now.

The story itself is about a pair of lovers who are separated for 1000 years after the conception of their child. He becomes a knight who returns to a time before the Renaissance and is able to influence the evolution of plants and nature and she becomes a princess who is taken into the future and becomes a spaceship embodying new technology. The story tells of their love and longing and of their attempts to reunite in a post apocalyptic future, and of the conflicts and challenges their child is faced with...

The drawings themselves are so intricate and beautiful (click each image to see it larger), these are my favorites, I think he says that a series of similar drawings like this are like an explanation of one paragraph or one line of the story...I have always found narrative in art interesting, it makes me think of my (rather unsophisticated!) degree paintings which were a series of paintings called 'Later the same day...' it was meant to be like an unknown story with clues as to the narrative within the images.

I also really love the series Robert Rauscenberg did called 'Short Stories' He named each painting after the page in a book and a line of the page, so each was like a visual representation of a very small part of a much larger story...

This one is 'Page 12, paragraph 5'

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