Thursday, 21 June 2007

Printing printing printing!

I took some pictures of the latest printing frenzy, it's been the biggest one yet with lots being shipped to new stockists and a big new batch of BFL tees too!

First up are rows of Eskimo kisses and our new hang tags for our first brick and mortar stockists! See the new minty Eskimo Kiss colour, they'll be in the shop next week...The gold is such a great colour but it's a big Hurrah! for people who just can't wear yellow like me!

Below is a preview of all the new BFL colours in the hanging out to dry phase... The teal and lemon ones kind of made the room seem to glow! They have to be hung out because in the current Bonbi Forest work space there isn't enough room to use the heat setter at the same time as printing, it just gets toooo hot! (Click on the image to see it larger...) We should be moving into the new workspace in a couple of weeks. The tiles are picked and the walls are nearly all white!!

I was up quite late heat setting the tees one evening, so Mark brought me a few glasses of Shiraz to keep me going...We listened to Interpol's 'Turn on the bright lights', an album I haven't heard in ages, I really had forgotten quite how good it is! It remind me of walking to college in Brighton, that and a Cat Power album and a And You will Know us by the Trail of Dead one too. They were the ones that seemed to be stuck in my mini disc player back then, back in the pre-ipod days!

We were blessed with the presence of Lou Lou cat for the evening, she had a great time observing everything from the comfort of a piece of wadding and a plastic bag bed...But the pace was too much!! It sure is damn tough watching stuff and purring.

Aww! The cuteness!


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