Saturday, 14 July 2007

I'm back and McSweeny's are here!!

I'm back!! Actually I've been back a week now, but I'll admit it's taken me a week to get back into the swing of real life!

Dartmoor was soo good! I met some fantastic inspiring people and did some amazing things and I didn't care that it poured with rain all week because it was so great. It was a leadership awareness week and we had talks from psychologists, personal development coaches, a plastic surgeon and a guy that had been up Everest, as well as problem solving, abseiling off massive cliffs, hiking over tors and bivvying in a tent made with tarpaulin and string in the dark with 11 other people...Great stuff!!

The pic is my team with our 30 foot bamboo flag!! I'm on the bottom left in those oh so fetching waterproofs...

Sooo, I came back to find my back issues of McSweeny's waiting for me in the post...two beautiful hardback books filled with short stories and fiction.
One of the books has got stories and tales all either inspired by, or from Iceland and came with a VERY strange Icelandic mini magazine, and the other folds out all weirdly and wonderfully to reveal the actual McSweeny's issue, a novella by Ann Beattie and a short story by Robert Coover printed on a massive deck of also came with a comb. (!). I've got some reading to do!!!

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