Sunday, 9 December 2007

Amelias Magazine...

The lovely folks over at Amelia's magazine have been saying nice things about the Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium in their blog!!! Click the text image below to read!!

Thank you Amelia's Magazine!!

Modern Toss

On the contrary to my previous post about Sarah Nelsons beautiful work, I just had to post about the coarse Christmas musings of Modern Toss...Several of my most beloved friends will be receiving these over the coming weeks, they made me laugh so! Click the images to see them larger...

Find these delightful cards alongside t-shirts, posters, badges and books at their site RIGHT HERE!!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Get in on the Goose Chase...

I realised it has been a while since I posted about an artist and last weekend at the Xmas Fair I picked up some cards from Cornish illustrator Sarah Nelson and thought it apt to let you know about her wonderful work!

Her images are created from a combination of traditional drawing and printmaking methods, which she then manipulates digitally to give them their unique and delicate quality.

Inspired by all things English, Nelson's work features dogs and cats, a good brew, crafts, the great outdoors by the sea and bike rides, and beautiful birds. I just love the wit in her drawing style and the unusual composition of her images!

Visit her website right HERE! To see more of this talented lady's wonderful work, and pick up some great cards and prints while you are there...

New stuff and Bonbi in Knitting

It's been oh so quiet on the blog front lately, apologies for that.

This weekend is the Portishead ATP at Minehead, and I'm missing it! Waa! I love ATP, though I can't complain having managed to get to 2 already this year...Have a super time if you are going, and raise a glass for me at fellow Cornishman Richard D James aka Aphex Twin..yaya!!

Last weekend we took the Bonbi wares down to The Xmas Fair at Penryn's Jubilee Wharf which was a great market place of contemporary Cornish craft and food. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but it was all abuzz with Christmas shoppers and they had singing and a band and all sorts! As well as all the tees and jewellery, I took my new Bonbi scarves which went down a treat. I only have a couple left, I'm in the process of printing some more and will be putting them on the site this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

So since the last post we have had a restock of Cat and bang jewellery which is again going fast, so grab your exclusive piece while you can! Also this weekend I will be stocking the shop with new cards from Pinecone and Chickadee, new Tea towels from Mr PS, a brand new Cake zine from Luke Hall, and as well as my scarves, Bonbi Forest shoppers and some lovely new BF jewellery!!! It's kinda go go go-arama!!!

As well as all that my Bonbi Forest Red India Leaf earrings have been spotted in the Christmas supplement of Knitting Magazine...See below....Thank you Knitting!


Saturday, 24 November 2007

Nature Trail

We have another new designer in the store, The Sparrow Fist!!!

Leyda Campbell is the talented lady behind the label, making beautiful nature inspired jewellery and accessories. We have some cute brooches and lovely necklaces in the store for your perusal...

Get your beautiful Sparrow Fist creations HERE!!

Also, coming soon: More of the super popular jewellery from Cat and Bang, watch this space!


Thursday, 15 November 2007

Space and Nature...

We are busy bees here at Bonbi Forest, gearing up for the festive season...I heard on the radio the other day it's only 6 weeks until the big Crimbletide day. 6 weeks??!!! When did that happen?!

So anyway, I finally got around to making some new jewellery for the store! Hurrah!

I have been working along a space and nature theme, juxtaposing vintage brass stars, hand carved moons, and twinkling sparkling Swarovski crystals with vintage aged brass leaves and feathers, earthy Mookaite stones, and pretty frosted lockets...

See and shop these pieces HERE!! Most items are one of a kind and a few are very limited to 2 or 3 pieces...Special items indeed!

In other news, Bonbi Forest has moved into the new studio!!! It's amazing! I will post pictures of it soon enough...


Thursday, 11 October 2007

Pretty Illustrated Video...

This video is so very lovely sweet:




So we thought it time for a change and you may have noticed that the Bonbi Forest store has morphed into the rather fabulous Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium!! As well as still stocking all the Bonbi Forest favorites, the shop is now a market place for talented indie designers from around the world...

Fun accessories from Emma Ferguson:Striking fused glass jewellery from Amy Burhoe:Homewares from MrPS:Sweet accessories from Fluffstuffs:Beautiful reworked jewellery from Cat and Bang:
I will be writing a bit more about each of the designers very soon! In the meantime go see all the lovely wares on offer


Saturday, 29 September 2007

Elephant Gun

I've been listening lately to the new Beirut album, which is wonderful. This song, Elephant Gun isn't on either the new album or the first one, but I just happened across the weird and wonderful video and thought it only polite to share...

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Second Nature

I went to the opening of "Second Nature' last night, a group show of the work of 8 Cornish artists: Andy Whall, Daryl Waller, Rupert White, Andy Hughes, Paul Chaney, Stephanie Boon, Delpha Hudson and Jacqueline Knight. It is an interesting show with the work being exhibited between Vitreous Gallery in Truro and the vastness of the Truro Cathedral. If you are in Cornwall do try and see it, it's showing until 30th september at the Cathedral and until the 13th October at Vitreous (7 Mitchell Hill).

Below is one of Daryl's pieces, 'You are beautiful' 2006.

...and in a moment of fluke I took this one as we were leaving...not bad for a little compact, ha!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Michel Gondry - Be kind Rewind

YaYay! The new Michel Gondry looks really funny and silly AND it's got Mos Def in it...My kinda thing!!!



Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Proudness and fairs

I can't belive it's been a month since I last posted...Time just ran away with me over the last 4 weeks!

I've been having a crazy busy time, which started with my participation in the Hidden Art Cornwall design fair at Godolphin House over the August bank holiday weekend. I was so busy making and preparing and designing new tees! The fair was really great fun, and the sun finally shone at last! There was a really good exhibition in the House with work inspired by the house itself dotted about in the grand old rooms, and a good show from the recent graduates at Falmouth College of Art out in the barn. It was a really unusual setting as all the work was nestled in straw and on old wooden carts and stuff. I liked it very much. The whole fair was given extra cred as well by the presence of Mr Aphex Twin himself sporting a haircut and a baby....!

The stand looked pretty hot too! You can see in the first pictures my new BF shoppers, they are double sided and have the tree and either a rabbit or a squirrel depending on which side you are looking at. Also in there are the new plum wings! and the brand new dressage inspired parade tee...All of these will be available in the shop soooon because.... well as the fair, I have been working on a big new revamp of the Bonbi Forest shop. It will hopefully relaunch in a couple of weeks with loads of new amazing stuff to behold!! It's all very exciting and the new site is looking really good if I do say so myself. I'm very proud! hehe!

Last weekend I took the Lauder horse to a competition at St Leonards EC hoping to qualify for the BD Winter semi-finals. Which we did! Lauder was amazing and danced his socks off to win with scores of 66.8 and 67.8. Another proud moment, I will post a picture of him soon!


Friday, 10 August 2007

Total Spec and Field Day...

Total Spec magazine have a feature on me and Bonbi Forest in their latest issue 23, which is out now. It's my first 'in-print' article, woop! Total Spec is an arts/culture/music mag available in big WHSmiths and Borders, see their website HERE

The article is below and if you click on it it should come up large enough for you to have a read...if not you'll just have to go and buy the mag, hehe!!

So, Mark and I and a bunch of other Kernow peeps are heading off to London for the Field Day festival, which is in Victoria Park tomorrow. It's going to be great, I haven't been to London in an age and it will be good to catch up with all of my big smoke friends!! We are staying with the lovely Miss Natalie who makes prosthetic limbs for a living.

We'll be back on Sunday, until then...


Saturday, 4 August 2007

Can't Tell Me Nothing...

Ha ha! I just got shown this, it's a Kanye west video with Will Oldham and another hairy guy...Brilliant!



Wednesday, 1 August 2007

WGSN Interview!

Cor it's been a while since I last posted....I'm not very good at keeping on top of this blog lark!

Anyway, I recently did a small interview for the Worth Global Style Network which you can read if you click on the image below.... (it should come up big enough!)


Saturday, 21 July 2007

Kako Ueda

I have long loved paper cut work, and I recently happened across the work of Kako Ueda.

Ueda, who was born in Japan, states in her Biography that she is interested in organic beings such as insects, animals and people and how our bodies are 'born out of nature but constantly being influenced and modified by culture'.

She mainly works with Black and white and neutral colours, and adds watercolor to the paper cutouts. I'm loving the spider webs and butterflies, they are beautiful, and the detail and intricacy is incredible! You can read an interview with her HERE.


Tuesday, 17 July 2007

New jewellery...

I finally have some new jewellery in the shop, hurrah!! It's been a little longer than I thought because Mark does the coding for brand new products at the moment, and he's been busy working on the new Bat For lashes site in time for today's exciting news that front woman Natasha has been nominated for the Mercury Music prize!!!! YAY, we are both very proud!

So anyway, the poor boys been coding his fingertips off and didn't have time to take a breather before I hassled him into adding these few bits for me...hehe!

New limited Candy Cup earrings, they come in red, blue, orange, pink and green...I think they look like psychedelic acorns!!

One of a kind Sky at Night earrings *2...One star is bigger than the other, I like how they are so misshapen too!

Limited Too Wit Too Woo necklace...This little fella has matching earrings and 2 faces!!

All these are available in the Bonbi Forest Shop.

My buddy Emily is coming to stay on Thursday and I can't wait, I haven't seen her since NEW YEAR which is faaaar to long!!!


Monday, 16 July 2007

Get your Foster wall art!!

Yay! I while ago I made some illustrations for Urban Outfitters to be used in their artist series wall art and I just saw today that the triptych has gone on sale in their online shop!! you can see it HERE

A bit of a bummer though, in the blurb they got my name wrong... They've got May as my surname which is part of my first name!! It should be Lee May Foster... boo! I'll have to see if it can be changed... Apart from that I think they look really good!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

It's so nearly ready....

I took some pictures of whats going to be the new studio yesterday, and it's sooo nearly finished and ready for all the Bonbi Forest paraphernalia to invade!! Compared to the first photo's i posted of it, it is a massive transformation.

The electricity is working and I think the tiles I picked look lovely and warm and Mediterranean!

We are just waiting on the base units now so that the work surfaces can go in, and the big sink and screen racks and it will be ready, I can't wait!!!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

I'm back and McSweeny's are here!!

I'm back!! Actually I've been back a week now, but I'll admit it's taken me a week to get back into the swing of real life!

Dartmoor was soo good! I met some fantastic inspiring people and did some amazing things and I didn't care that it poured with rain all week because it was so great. It was a leadership awareness week and we had talks from psychologists, personal development coaches, a plastic surgeon and a guy that had been up Everest, as well as problem solving, abseiling off massive cliffs, hiking over tors and bivvying in a tent made with tarpaulin and string in the dark with 11 other people...Great stuff!!

The pic is my team with our 30 foot bamboo flag!! I'm on the bottom left in those oh so fetching waterproofs...

Sooo, I came back to find my back issues of McSweeny's waiting for me in the post...two beautiful hardback books filled with short stories and fiction.
One of the books has got stories and tales all either inspired by, or from Iceland and came with a VERY strange Icelandic mini magazine, and the other folds out all weirdly and wonderfully to reveal the actual McSweeny's issue, a novella by Ann Beattie and a short story by Robert Coover printed on a massive deck of also came with a comb. (!). I've got some reading to do!!!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Printing printing printing!

I took some pictures of the latest printing frenzy, it's been the biggest one yet with lots being shipped to new stockists and a big new batch of BFL tees too!

First up are rows of Eskimo kisses and our new hang tags for our first brick and mortar stockists! See the new minty Eskimo Kiss colour, they'll be in the shop next week...The gold is such a great colour but it's a big Hurrah! for people who just can't wear yellow like me!

Below is a preview of all the new BFL colours in the hanging out to dry phase... The teal and lemon ones kind of made the room seem to glow! They have to be hung out because in the current Bonbi Forest work space there isn't enough room to use the heat setter at the same time as printing, it just gets toooo hot! (Click on the image to see it larger...) We should be moving into the new workspace in a couple of weeks. The tiles are picked and the walls are nearly all white!!

I was up quite late heat setting the tees one evening, so Mark brought me a few glasses of Shiraz to keep me going...We listened to Interpol's 'Turn on the bright lights', an album I haven't heard in ages, I really had forgotten quite how good it is! It remind me of walking to college in Brighton, that and a Cat Power album and a And You will Know us by the Trail of Dead one too. They were the ones that seemed to be stuck in my mini disc player back then, back in the pre-ipod days!

We were blessed with the presence of Lou Lou cat for the evening, she had a great time observing everything from the comfort of a piece of wadding and a plastic bag bed...But the pace was too much!! It sure is damn tough watching stuff and purring.

Aww! The cuteness!


Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Lewis and Clarke

Phew! what a few days...I've been printing like mad, and have made over 300 tees since Thursday! Theres a whole bunch being shipped off to the US for our new stockists and also a whole new batch of Bat For Lashes t-shirts, this time with three new colours, they should be up in the shop at the beginning of next week!! Also I have some Eskimo Kiss and Wings! tees in new colours for the summer, lots of brightness and plum!

Anyway, while I've been printing I've been listening to a lot of music and one album that has really gripped me is Lewis and Clarke 'Blasts of Holy Birth'. I'm really no good at music reviews and stuff so I won't even attempt it, but if you click JUST HERE! You can listen and see what you think!! Track 4 is my favorite...

The album cover is pretty lovely too!!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Ernesto Caivano

These amazing drawings are the work of Spanish artist Ernesto Caivano who has been working on a visual story called 'After the Woods' that explores the relationships between man, nature and technology for about 6 years now.

The story itself is about a pair of lovers who are separated for 1000 years after the conception of their child. He becomes a knight who returns to a time before the Renaissance and is able to influence the evolution of plants and nature and she becomes a princess who is taken into the future and becomes a spaceship embodying new technology. The story tells of their love and longing and of their attempts to reunite in a post apocalyptic future, and of the conflicts and challenges their child is faced with...

The drawings themselves are so intricate and beautiful (click each image to see it larger), these are my favorites, I think he says that a series of similar drawings like this are like an explanation of one paragraph or one line of the story...I have always found narrative in art interesting, it makes me think of my (rather unsophisticated!) degree paintings which were a series of paintings called 'Later the same day...' it was meant to be like an unknown story with clues as to the narrative within the images.

I also really love the series Robert Rauscenberg did called 'Short Stories' He named each painting after the page in a book and a line of the page, so each was like a visual representation of a very small part of a much larger story...

This one is 'Page 12, paragraph 5'