Sunday, 23 September 2007

Second Nature

I went to the opening of "Second Nature' last night, a group show of the work of 8 Cornish artists: Andy Whall, Daryl Waller, Rupert White, Andy Hughes, Paul Chaney, Stephanie Boon, Delpha Hudson and Jacqueline Knight. It is an interesting show with the work being exhibited between Vitreous Gallery in Truro and the vastness of the Truro Cathedral. If you are in Cornwall do try and see it, it's showing until 30th september at the Cathedral and until the 13th October at Vitreous (7 Mitchell Hill).

Below is one of Daryl's pieces, 'You are beautiful' 2006.

...and in a moment of fluke I took this one as we were leaving...not bad for a little compact, ha!

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