Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Lewis and Clarke

Phew! what a few days...I've been printing like mad, and have made over 300 tees since Thursday! Theres a whole bunch being shipped off to the US for our new stockists and also a whole new batch of Bat For Lashes t-shirts, this time with three new colours, they should be up in the shop at the beginning of next week!! Also I have some Eskimo Kiss and Wings! tees in new colours for the summer, lots of brightness and plum!

Anyway, while I've been printing I've been listening to a lot of music and one album that has really gripped me is Lewis and Clarke 'Blasts of Holy Birth'. I'm really no good at music reviews and stuff so I won't even attempt it, but if you click JUST HERE! You can listen and see what you think!! Track 4 is my favorite...

The album cover is pretty lovely too!!

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