Monday, 14 June 2010

29 project: Days 12 -> 18

My 29 project continues and I have yet to miss a day, hurrah! Here are days 12 to 18, spanning leaving Cornwall to go to London and on to Kefalonia for our honeymoon...I shall blog day 19 to the present tomorrow.

(Oh yes, it was most difficult to pick just one picture for many days and if you like you can see a few more over on my Flickr page...)

Day 12 - Going to London, sun in my eyes:Day 13 - Lunch at Whole Foods in High Street Kensington:Day 14 - Alps:Day 15 - Little boats in Fiscardo harbour:Day 16 - View from a Venetian window:
Day 17 - Blue sky = blue sea:Day 18 - Mark and his Star Pattern tee at the Panorama Taverna:More tomorrow....!

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