Monday, 28 June 2010

New delights...

Hello all, I hope you had a good weekend? Mine was spent with friends at a wedding party and then a barbecue, all in all making the most of this beautiful weather. It's been so warm recently I have only worn trousers once since returning from Kefalonia, instead I have been donning shorts everyday and swanning about in dresses of an evening out. More please!

Anyway, I have been conjuring a few new jewels for you! I am still enjoying using unusual faceted chunks of semi-precious gemstones, and this time it's Rainbow Obsidian and Pink Peruvian Opal that have been fashioned into wearables...I like sourcing out the meanings of the stones too, not that I am ever going to get into that kind of thing in any depth, but I do find it interesting what different cultures believe they have the power to do!

Here they are:

In the Absence of Light Necklace - £14.50Gentle Love Necklace - £15.50I hope you like them!

29 project update coming later...

1 comment:

Daria Hlazatova said...

how i love them both! i do believe in the power of the stones too, but i think your necklaces are even more powerful ! :)