Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I'm back!

I'm back and back into work...This last couple of weeks has been so busy not just with all things Bonbi, but there has been lots going on with family and friends too. It's been a bit of a whirlwind!

I have lots to show you and I am going to start with one half of a large 29 project update. Tomorrow I will post the second half, and also some new bits and pieces I have been working on and that will be due in the shop shortly.

Ready? Set? GO!

29 project: Days 87 - 95...

Day 87: Tuesday 17th August - Barn Bunting. We went to a wedding reception where the barn setting was decorated beautifully with colourful balloons and flowers and strings of bunting we lent for the this moment we are in the midst of playing a russian party game. It involved lots of running...!
Day 87 - Barn Bunting

Day 88: Wednesday 18th August - Tagging and packing in preparation for the Cornwall Design Fair the coming weekend...I had 6 metres of wall space and a huge table to display all of the Bonbi wares. There was lots to do!
Day 88 - Tagging and Packing

Day 89: Thursday 19th August - I spent the morning printing a new range of cards featuring my paintings for the fair...they came out really well and were very popular. they'll be in the shop soon!
Day 89 - New cards

Day 90: Friday 20th August - The Stand. What a day! Mark (who is my trusty helper at these kind of do's) and I spent all afternoon setting up the stand in time for the private view that evening. I wasn't entirely happy with it, but it went down very well with the customers indeed!!
Day 90 - The Stand

Day 91: Saturday 21st August - Babies! Back at Trereife House for Day 2 of the Design Fair and these babies were in the field by the sweet!
Day 91 - Babies!

Day 92: Sunday 22nd August - The big take down. It took a 5th of the time to take the stand down and pack everything up properly that it took to set it all up!
Day 92 - The big take down

Day 93: Monday 23rd August - Tim came home! Our friend Tim (who was also a photographer at our wedding) came home from his epic cycle trip from John O Groats to Lands End via Ireland and Wales. He completed it on his own with no back up team. A big bunch of us went to Lands End to meet him and in true Timba style he rolled in wearing orange sunglasses and had a smoke on...Good work Tim, we are so proud!!
Day 93 - Tim came home

Day 94: Tuesday 24th August - Dressage Lessons. My 5th (and thankfully final for this week) trip down west was with my mama and our horses Pia and Lauder for our monthly dressage lessons with our trainer Robert Pickles who is brilliant...
Day 94 - Dressage Lessons

Day 95: Wednesday 25th August - Wanker. I DIDN'T WRITE THIS!! I was paying in the moneys from the design fair and the note machine repeatedly wouldn't take this one note. I turned it over and found delightful! I have since passed it on...
Day 95 - Wanker

More tomorrow peeps!

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Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

I think the stand looks fab - makes me want your products even more!