Thursday, 2 September 2010

Part two...29 project: Days 96 - 102

So here are the rest of this last couple of weeks in 29 project form...later today I will be posting some pics of new work and jewels that will be gracing the shop over the next few days!

29 project: Days 96 - 102

Day 96: Thursday 26th August - Haywards Heath. Last Thursday Mark and I were heading Brighton-wards for the bank holiday weekend to catch up with good friends and see a best friend get married. It was a long train journey. Seven and a half hours and three changes! that's what living in Cornwall in the back of beyond does for you...
Day 96 - Hayward Heath

Day 97: Friday 27th August - Dustin and the Balloons. Mark and I took a big bag of bunting over to our friends wedding reception venue and helped them get it looking all pretty. There are a couple more different pics for today over at my Flickr photostream, but I chose this one for all of the colours...and the gorgeous, ginormous beast of a dog named Dustin.
Day 97 - Dustin and the Balloons

Day 98: Saturday 28th August - Mr and Mrs Mellett! It's a bit blurry but here are the beautiful pair cutting their wedding cake under twinkling disco lights...Incidentally, the groom made the cake which was a very girly pink and purple butterfly affair with 3 layers, all of which were flavoured differently...Good work Chris!
Day 98 - Mr & Mrs Mellett

Day 99: Sunday 29th August - Sundown in Brighton after a good day of park walks, book shopping and Sunday roast at the Yeoman...
Day 99 - Sundown in Brighton

Day 100: Monday 30th August - Bank holiday Monday and day 100 of this project...I thought I might have something a little more exciting and 'ta daa' to commemorate this day, but I was on another epic train journey back to least the light was beautiful:
Day 100 - Sun through Glass

Day 101: Tuesday 31st August - After two weeks of posting nothing on this here blog I spent the evening sifting through all of the photos and getting them ready for these last two updates!
Day 101 - Sorting the 29 project...

Day 102: Wednesday 1st September - Printing lots...and re-stocking the shop!
Day 102 - Printing Lots

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