Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Yet again: I'm back!

This is turning into the year of frequent trips away it seems, aren't I lucky?! This last little holiday was really very good, spending fun time with friends at The End of the Road music festival, like I mentioned before, and then some time at good ole Centre Parcs = Awesome.

I have a MASSIVE 29 project update for you today and some new jewels for you tomorrow which include a limited edition garden themed pendant and a new bird bracelet. All with an Autumnal theme you understand.

Anyway, for now here are about 10 days worth of images from the last week or so, as always there are more on my Flickr Page:

29 Project - Days 111 - 121:

Day 111: Friday 10th September - Peacock Silhouettes. Our first day at The End of the Road festival in Dorset's Larmer Tree Gardens where they have lots of Peacocks roaming freely. it is very wonderful and this year there were babies to be seen...adorable!
Day 111 - Peacock Silhouettes

Day 112: Saturday 11th September - Iron and Wine. I finally got to see him! After years of loving his music I finally saw Iron and Wine live and he played a beautiful stripped down set. Just him, a guitar and a bloke on the piano. So good and my highlight of the festival!
Day 112 - Iron and Wine

Day 113: Sunday 12th September - The Garden Stage. I love the setting at End of the Road, the main stage is set in an enclosed garden with trees all around. Everyone brings rugs and chairs and sits about during the day listening to the loveliness.
Day 113 - Garden Stage

Day 114: Monday 13th September - On to Centre Parcs! After the festival, Mark and I spent the rest of the week at good old Centre Parcs with our friends Simon and Lucy and their little girl Charlotte. This here cabin was our home for the week...It was a little dated, (next in line for the upgrade I think!) like stepping back to a crumbling 90's in fact but we had a sauna (didn't use it) and and en-suite each so you know, we coped. Ha!
Day 114 - Our Home for the Week

Day 115: Tuesday 14th September - Rapids! One of the great things about Centre Parcs is it's multi-faceted swimming pool. It's all flumes, hot tubs, plunge pools, wave machines and river rapids. Rad.
Day 115 - Rapids

Day 116: Wednesday 15th September - Mark on his bike. Well, about to get on it anyway...The only transport here is bicycles or the land train.
Day 116 - Mark and his Bike

Day 117: Thursday 16th September - Longleat Safari park!! I have wanted to come here for AGES, especially since I knew they have giraffes here. It is a little known fact that giraffes are my favourite of all the animals (apart from horses). I haven't seen any for real since a wonderful trip to feed them at Bush Gardens in Florida about 10 years ago. One day I will see them in their natural habitat I hope but for now these kind of safari parks will have to satisfy my giraffe fix...I took so many pictures of today, I couldn't pick just one, so here you have a giraffe and a greedy deer:
Day 117 - My favourite!
Day 117 - Deer

Day 118: Friday 17th September - The road home. Alas, all holidays have to come to an end and here we are making our way home across Bodmin Moor...
Day 118 - Road Home

Day 119: Saturday 18th September - Show Time! Not one for a quiet life I agreed to ride lovely Pia in a dressage competition the day after we got back from holiday! Here I am in the horsebox with my dressage glad rags on (my coat isn't dirty by the way, I think it is a strange reflection on the mirror...!). It was a successful day despite Pia being a little on her toes and we chalked up two wins.
Day 119 - Show Time

Day 120: Sunday 19th September - Exit. It was our friend Kim's birthday and we went to the pub where I spied this sign with it's odd wording!
Day 120 - Exit to Car Park

Day 121: Monday 20th September - Morning stroll. Another shot from atop my Lauder horse!
Day 121 - Lauder and his Shadow

Well, I think that's enough for now! I will update this here project again in a few days. I will show you new jewels tomorrow my friends...


dawn said...

I do love Longleat! I loved feeding the sea lions, I kept going up with all the kids for extra chuncks of fish :)
I will be taking your advice and a leaf out of your book on Sunday as I turn 30. Weirdly, I am beginning to feel all strong and in control with life, so goodbye 20s, hello 30s! I just hope I can keep up with the 30 project, as well as you have done with your 29 project...
The Super brooch is rather awesome! :)

Lee May Foster-Wilson said...

Well, happy birthday to you!!
Good luck with your project too, just take your camera everywhere and you will be surprised what takes your eye :) xxx