Friday, 8 October 2010

Hello October...29 Project: Days 132 - 138

I have been a busy bee this week printing a brand new batch of tour tees for Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip who are heading off around the country next week playing their music...I created two brand new designs for them, one for a tee and the other for a little babygrow which was very nice to do.

I will show you the new designs in due course (they have come out very well indeed!) but since they won't be arriving with their musical pals til Monday I'm going to hold off until then so they can have the first look...

In the meantime, here are the outstanding 29 project pics from the beginning of October. I am going to try and be more up to date with this from now on...!

29 Project: Days 132 - 138...

Day 132: Friday October 1st - New things! A happy order of new and very pretty things arrived which pleased and cheered me up greatly. Especially since they were all complete bargains, hurrah!
Day 132 - New Things

Day 133: Saturday October 2nd - Stormy Skies. Headed into Truro at twilight saw the sky come over all yellow and stormy. It was very beautiful...
Day 133 - Stormy Skies

Day 134: Sunday October 3rd - Looking. (There are more pictures for this day over at my Flickr too...) Mark and I took a walk along the cliff path. The sea was being very strange, from a distance it looked quite calm, but big swell was rumbling under the surface and causing lots of crashing waves and foam at the bottom of the cliffs. Here is me, mesmerised by the water:
Day 134 - Looking

Day 135: Monday October 4th - Lou Lou. Need I say more? She is the usual distraction for me!
Day 135 - Lou Lou

Day 136: Tuesday October 5th - Pile O Tees. Here they are, the blanks for the printing project I have been working on this week...hundreds of them...
Day 136 - Pile O Tees

Day 137: Wednesday October 6th - Pia and the Beasties. A little horsey (and beastie) fix in the middle of the printing mayhem! I have been riding her this week in preparation for a competition next week.
Day 137 - Pia and the Beasties

Day 138: Thursday October 7th - The print marathon is over! Two and a half days and 600+ prints, many hours of heat setting, lots of rolling and sticking later, here we are at the end. 300 T-shirts and babygrows are ready for the off!
Day 138 - The End of the Print Marathon

I hope everyone has a great weekend...I will be showing you new work on Monday, yay!

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