Monday, 18 October 2010

29 Project: Days 143 - 148

I have met up with a few people recently who I haven't seen in a while and they have asked me what I have been up to of late. As usual my mind has drawn a blank and I say 'Oh you know, working, riding a bit...oh yeah, I sold Lauder'. So I had a look back on my 29 project (and all of the other pictures I have stored in my Iphoto along the way...) and realised there are lots of things there that I would never have thought to have taken a picture of before I was doing this, and little details I would have long since forgotten. I'm enjoying this project very much.

29 project: Days 143 - 148...

Day 143: Tuesday 12th October - Winners! I rode my best and Pia danced her best and we won not one, but two dressage classes today on very good scores indeed...regional championships here we come!
Day 143 - Winners!

Day 144: Wednesday 13th October - Photography Corner...You may (or may not have!) noticed that I have gradually been re-photographing lots of things in the shop. This little corner of my studio is where I make the picture magic happen...
Day 144 - Studio Photography Corner

Day 145: Thursday 14th October - Screen Making. I had lots of little bits of work and jobs to get done today...It's not the most interesting or pretty picture I'm afraid, but re-making this screen was one of them!
Day 145 - Screen Making

Day 146: Friday 15th October - The Railway. Mark and I were up in Devon this last weekend visiting his dad. On Friday night we went to a lovely pub called The Railway Inn which is always a delight.
Day 146 - The Railway

Day 147: Saturday 16th October - Exeter Cathedral. A trip into Exeter for the afternoon. I spent lots of money on warm winter wearables!
Day 147 - Exeter

Day 148: Sunday 17th October - Horsebox Roast. Back in Cornwall again and we went round to my folks house for a dinner of roast lamb. The aga had stopped working though and my mum had to make a roast for six people in the tiny oven in the horsebox! I don't know how she did it, it was delicious...
Day 148 - Folks for Roast

As usual there are a few more pictures over at my Flickr...I hope to have some new bits and pieces to show you this week. Stay tuned!


Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

I really enjoy following your 29 project. In fact I think I might do one of my own when I turn 28 in January, seems like such a lovely way to look back at a year.

Stephanie Webb said...

Still really enjoying your 29 project! Have you heard of Blipfoto? A lot of my photography type friends have accounts there, it'd be a great way keep documenting what you get up to once this project is over :)

Lee May Foster-Wilson said...

Thanks Stephanie, that looks brilliant...I may just have to carry on with this :)
Elizabeth - Go for it! It certainly makes for an interesting project and is a great way to start taking more pictures for sure!