Friday, 29 October 2010

29 Project: Days 157 - 159

Goodness, it's been a busy week! I've done lots of printing for Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip (who are fast running out of the tees I created for them on tour!) and adding new jewellery to the shop as well.
Agate Pendant - Shallows
The agate necklaces I showed you a short while ago are now in the shop...they are each one of a kind and so, so pretty. There are only five of them at the moment, you can see and shop them HERE!
Agate Pendant - Delta
There is another new necklace in the shop too called 'Collection' and I have also created a new bracelet called 'November' as it has a Citrine stone which is the birthstone of November...I think it would make an ace present for November born ladies! As well as the gorgeous golden Citrine it has two vintage brass beads and three little feathers...See both of these pretty pieces in the jewels section of the Bonbi Forest shop too...
November Bracelet

Right, on with the 29 project: Days 157 - 159...

Day 157: Tuesday 26th October - Autumn Light. I know a lot of people like Autumn, for it's crispness and the cuddles of cozy knits, but being a bean who feels the cold somewhat more than most, Spring and the promises of warm sunshine it brings with it is my favorite time of year...however no other time of year quite beats Autumn for the quality of the light at either end of the day. I do love that.
Day 157 - Autumn Light

Day 158: Wednesday 27th October - Lou Lou again. Being cheeky in the garden...I think that like me, she was marvelling at the colour of those leaves!
Day 158 - Lou Lou Again

Day 159: Thursday 28th October - Fabric testing. I have a new fabric that I have never printed on before so I whipped out some of my pattern screens and printed a little test strip and the result was perfect...
Day 159 - Colour play and fabric testing

More on Monday folks, have a great weekend!


Irene said...

Wow! Beautiful colours! I love the simplicity and also the attention too the detail that keeps them from being too baren. Congratulations!

ANNA said...

the pattern is looking very pretty - i like the houses!