Monday, 11 October 2010

29 Project: Days 139 - 142

I hope everyone had a good weekend? Here is the latest installment of the 29 project...

Days 139 - 142:

Day 139: Friday 8th October - Autumn. It's properly here isn't it? High winds have been stripping the trees of their leaves in a big way and carpeting the ground with them...
Day 139 - Autumn Time

Day 140: Saturday 9th October - On Saturday night we headed down to Miss Peapods in Penryn to see some old friends play the last leg of their mini tour with their bands Trelawney, Bravo Brave Bats and Tessellators. Mark played some records too, it was much fun!
Day 140 - Mark plays some records...

Day 141: Sunday 10th October - Walk home...Sunday rambles on the cliffs are becoming a regular occurrence, and this Sunday we rambled a little cliff top circuit all the way to the pub. It was dark when we left...Really, very dark.
Day 141 - Walk Home

Day 142: Monday 11th October - Christmas is a coming...(I know, already!) and today I have been creating some festive critters...
Day 142 - Christmas is a coming

I have those tee designs from last weeks printing marathon to show you tomorrow...stay tuned!

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