Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A sweet commission...

A little while ago I mentioned about a commission I was working on...well here it is!

I was contacted by one of my lovely customers, Sana, who said how much she liked my work and asked if I would design some wedding invitations for her and her husband to be. I had enjoyed making the invitations for our wedding last year so much, of course I said YES!

...and here they are: I hand screen printed them in three colours onto a pale blue recycled card stock and sent them out with pretty pink envelopes. The back of the invitation had all the information for the guests and further hand printed accents.
Tristan and Sana Invitation
Tristan and Sana Invitation
Tristan and Sana Invitation
Tristan and Sana Invitation

It was such a nice commission to do. Thank you Tristan and Sana for asking me to make them for you, I hope you have a wonderful wedding day!


Hannah Stoney said...

Beautiful! I love the details on the birds. You have a great knack for putting lots of different elements into a piece and yet maintaining a strong sense of design - not an easy feat!

Lee May Foster-Wilson said...

Thank you very much Hannah! It's just something I have always done...As you can probably tell I'm not good at leaving white space, but I am very picky about balance and composition :)

Lindsay C said...

That is seriously adorable ! I love the colours and the design!