Wednesday, 13 April 2011

29 Project: Days 306 - 314...

It's been a while since I updated the 29 project...things have been pretty busy around here as I am off to Australia for nigh on three weeks on Monday. Sorting everything out to be left for that long is no mean feat, I tell ya!

Before I crack on with the update, don't forget that the 20% off Springtime discount ends on Friday...just enter SPRINGTREAT at checkout to treat yourself: S H O P! is a HUGE update which I will post here in two parts, one today and one tomorrow:

29 Project: Days 306 - 314...

Day 306: Friday 25th March - Outside looking in. I had all the Blossom Pop! jewels lined up in my photography window in the studio, I liked the way they looked all colourful and upside down like that.
Day 306 - Outside, looking in

Day 307: Saturday 26th March - Falmouth late on a Saturday...Out and about, I snapped this rather blurry shot on the way back to a friends house and yes, that is someone I know taking a little rest/nap by leaning on that car in the foreground there...
Day 307 - Falmouth late on a Saturday

Day 308: Sunday 27th March - 'Helping' with the gardening. It was a very lovely day and as I lazed on the un-hung hammock sipping a beer and poring over my new copy of Orla Kiely's 'Pattern', Mark mowed the field of a lawn we seem to have acquired. A very pleasant way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon...
Day 308 - Helping with gardening...

Day 309: Monday 28th March - Hazy Sunshine. I do love this time of year very much...Summer is almost upon us peeps!
Day 309 - Hazy Sunshine

Day 310: Tuesday 29th March - New slippers again...Well, the pretty be-pom pommed slippers I bought in Kefalonia last year finally gave up the ghost, so I picked up these cheapies from Sainsbury's. They'll do the job! Mark also had his wisdom teeth out today, but I won't dwell on that, it wasn't pleasant for him.
Day 310 - New Slippers Again

Day 311: Wednesday 30th March - Ladybird! A little nature update for you, and an outing for the super macro setting on my camera. We seem to have quite a lot of these guys in our front garden which is good, because I like them.
Day 311 - Ladybird!

Day 312: Thursday 31st March - Pia's pictures arrived...A little bit of a cheat today I am afraid! This is a picture of me and Miss Pia at our disastrous regional championship outing earlier in the year which arrived today. Moments of harmony between the pair of us were few and far between that particular day, but there must have been a few to get this great shot!
Day 312 - Pia's pictures arrived...

Day 313: Friday 1st April - Grape beads. My mama came to see me in the studio today and thought the green vintage moonglow beads were grapes. I wasn't even trying to play an April fool!
Day 313 - Grape Beads

Day 314: Saturday 2nd April - Long lost books. I thought that Mark and I had lost this big box of treasures five years ago when we moved from Brighton to Cornwall...but they have been found! I thought I had lost my Julie Verhoeven Gas book, J Otto Seibold pop-up Alice in Wonderland, all of my Edward Gorey books, my Patrick Heron retrospective, Davids Hockney and Shrigley collections and a whole host of other art book delights...I can't tell you how happy I am to have them all back!!!!!
Day 314 - Long Lost Books


hello birdy said...


Lovely pics as always :o)
I do follow your blog and shop regularly, I shall try to comment more often! I was just looking at your shop with the 20% off in mind.. very tempting. I do love the big cats scarf but there doesn't seem to be any in the shop? But then again I do love the Equus tee too!

If you don't mind me asking, how long has you been screen printing and are you self taught? I think I may have mentioned to you before, but my boyfriend and I are trying to set up our own little print company (both of us pretty much learning the craft from scratch) and as I suppose we should, have been facing many many setbacks and frustrations. I'd be interested to learn a bit more about how you became such a talented printer.

Take care :o)

Ali x

Lee May Foster-Wilson said...

Hello Ali,

Many thanks for your lovely comment! I have just updated the shop with more Big Cats scarves :)

Screen printing is a great craft to learn and it isn't too difficult, you just have to get the knack. Believe me, I ruined many a t-shirt before I got the hang of it!

I am going on holiday for a few weeks very soon, but you have inspired me to write a blog post about the beginnings of Bonbi Forest! It will be a nice thing to go back over and see how far it has come, so look out for that in May...

Thanks again and good luck with your company!


hello birdy said...

I really look forward to reading that! Thanks :o)
It'll be particularly useful for budding small business owners like myself. Actually making some money feels like an awful way off still!

Ali xx