Friday, 22 April 2011

29 Project: Days 324 - 333...

Greetings from Australia!! It is very warm here in Perth which is great...I do like the sunshine, especially after such a long and hard winter. It is nice to get some vitamin D. I believe it is warm at home in the UK too? I hope you are all getting to enjoy it...don't burn yourselves peeps!

I will be trying to keep up a little with the 29 project while I am out here (which is coming scarily close to it's conclusion...only another month to go!) and also keep on top of shop news too.

Speaking of which: The animal print scarves are now also available as rectangles as well as the square version. Have a look at each scarf to see details of both HERE! Orders are shipping as normal, so if you want one you certainly don;t have to wait until I am back home at all...

Anyway, a 29 project update: Days 324 - 333...

Day 324: Tuesday 12th April - Cutting, cutting, folding, folding. To make sure the shop can still run while I am away i have been making stacks of the little origami pouches that my jewellery gets sent out in...that's a lot of folding.
Day 324 - Cutting Cutting Folding Folding

Day 325: Wednesday 13th April - Bluebells. I have been really enjoying watching the transition of the springtime colours from yellow through to blue and pink and purple. The bluebells suddenly seem to be out and they are everywhere! I thought I'd get some snaps because I imagine they will all be gone by the time I return to the UK...
Day 325 - Bluebells

Day 326: Thursday 14th April - Blue water. A tub where I wash my screens has got little bits of garden debris floating in it and the blue pigment from printing flowed in there when I washed a was very pretty.
Day 326 - Blue Water

Day 327: Friday 15th April - Match your walls to your washing! Noted from a friends house in Falmouth...
Day 327 - Match Your Walls to Your washing

Day 328: Saturday 16th April - New shoes! Twenty quid? Yes please, I couldn't resist!
Day 328 - New Shoes

Day 329: Sunday 17th April - Blossoms. Yes more...and another snap of some pretties that won't be around when I get back from Australia.
Day 329 - More Blossoms

Day 330: Monday 18th April - Leaving Gatwick. ...and we're off! Our flight was a little late leaving and we spent a good while on the tarmac before we left, but finally we were on the move and headed for Dubai...
Day 330 - Leaving Gatwick

Day 331: Tuesday 19th April - Bye Bye Dubai. At some point, goodness knows when or which timezone I should have been observing, we landed at Dubai, swapped planes and began the last leg to Australia. The plane was crammed and Mark and I weren't sat next to each was a long 10 hours sandwiched between two strangers at the very back of the plane!
Day 331 - Bye Bye Dubai

Day 332: Wednesday 20th April - Hello Sunshine! We made it to Ian and Natalies and met our little niece and took a stroll in the sun. Ahhh...on holiday. Lush.
Day 332 - Hello Sunshine

Day 334: Thursday 21st April - Indian Ocean feet. For the second time in my life I dipped my feet in the Indian was a lot warmer than the last time we were here. I shall swim in it next time we go to the beach.
Day 333 - Indian Ocean Feet

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Laura Cameron said...

Hope you have a great time in Australia! Even though I can only dip my toes in the North Sea you have made me want to go for a swim, no where is my wet suit...