Thursday, 14 April 2011

29 Project: Days 315 - 323

I am in the midst of a mad time trying to sort everything out in the studio before my trip away so that hopefully orders can continue to ship and the shop won't be left high and dry for three weeks. Which incidentally, is the longest time I have been away from the studio since I started Bonbi Forest...eek!

In an attempt to gain a little respite from the chaos, here is the second part of a mammoth 29 project update, as promised!

29 Project: Days 315 - 323...

Day 315: Sunday 3rd April - Seconds. Pia and I went to another competition and it wasn't quite our usual success. We were 2nd in both of our classes, but I was pleased with that at that particular venue...last time we went there, there were peacocks next to the arena, and this time we had a bonfire with an an exploding can on it (anyone who knows horses will also know that horses plus peacocks, and horses plus exploding cans do not a great combination make...). It's always fun and games there!
Day 315 - Seconds

Day 316: Monday 4th April - Sunroof Trees. I was waiting for Mark to come back to the car and noted the lovely polarizing effect our sunroof has...
Day 316 - Sunroof Trees

Day 317: Tuesday 5th April - We like fruit. Our fruit bowl, freshly filled and overflowing and being spied on by a Donna Wilson tray...(The massive bottle of Chinon was a wedding present, Mark and I are very much looking forward to drinking that on May 29th, our first anniversary. Yay!)
Day 317 - We Like Fruit

Day 318: Wednesday 6th April - Blossoms! Seriously, I take pictures of these every year, as if I don't already have enough on my hard drive...I do love them so.
Day 318 - Blossoms!

Day 319: Thursday 7th April - New business cards. I am afraid I have had to stop hand printing my business cards...I loved making them, but I am getting through them so quickly these days I just can't keep up! So here are a brand new selection from the ever impressive Moo:
Day 319 - New Business Cards

Day 320: Friday 8th April - Settling up. I know, awful picture! You didn't expect to have a 29 project update without at least one blurry, yellow, last minute snap did you? Anyway, I took this as we were settling the bill at my li'l cousins 18th birthday dinner. I can't believe you are so grown up already Evie!!!
Day 320 - Settling Up

Day 321: Saturday 9th April - Glowing baby Jack. So after the 18th birthday dinner, I was up at 5:30 to go to another show with Miss Pia (we had another day of mixed fortunes...) and baby Jack was glowing in the early morning sunshine...look at his cute orange face:
Day 321 - Glowing baby Jack

Day 322: Sunday 10th April - Hanging in the hammock. What a gorgeous day this was! Mark and I took some time out to do garden stuff (nothing complicated, weeding, mowing, drinking beer...) and I have finally hung my hammock...I have had this for about 10 years, and now we have a decent garden I have somewhere to put it and it is brilliant!
Day 322 - Hanging in the Hammock

Day 323: Monday 11th April - Look books. I have been working on these little Blossom Pop! look books, and here they are all printed up at last...hurrah!
Day 323 - Lookbooks

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