Tuesday, 20 September 2011

...and it's Autumn

Where did that last month go?! It's been a little busy around here what with one thing and another and I can't believe we are two thirds of the way through September already...I've had my head down and it's passed me by! There have been some fun bits and pieces too, I will post a lately post soon (though it will be more like a round up of the last couple of months at this rate) but in the meantime I just wanted to show you the new Bonbi Forest rings which I added to the shop over the weekend...

They feature the same landscapes and critters that the lockets do with adjustable ring bands to fit most fingers...I have tried and tested my favorite (which is the Dark is the Night Stars design at the bottom there...) on many occasions and the flat pad makes them easy to wear and slide your hand in and out of pockets and your bag. I am very pleased with these guys! See and shop them HERE!

Goodnight Ring Oval Cat Face Ring Flowers Ring Oval Cat Face Ring Dark is the Night Ring More soon peeps!

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