Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I haven't done a 'Lately' post for ages! I haven't really taken that many pictures this last few weeks, something I must rectify. Just looking back through these pictures reminds me of how good the weather was at the beginning of the month and how miserable it is now...C'mon summer, pull your socks up!
Beautiful Rose
Petals and the Succulent
A Little Visitor
Tiny Petals
It has been interesting seeing what the garden at our new house is going to show us next and the beautiful rose here was a lovely surprise...such a gorgeous colour. As I thought it would though, my gardening enthusiasm has waned somewhat recently (I blame the rain, yeah?) and the weeds are sprouting with a vengeance once again. I must do some tending so I can see what else it is going to offer us before the summer is out...

We also seem to get lots of visitors in our the last week there has been five beetles and two little lizards! Unlike looking forward to seeing what comes next in the garden, I am not looking forward to seeing what comes next on the crawly visitor side of things. At all.


Christiane said...

Beautiful pictures! May I ask what camera and lense you use?

Also, your handmade stuff is adorable!

Lee May Foster-Wilson said...

Hello Christiane,

I don't have a big camera, just a little compact Sony Cybershot! It has some great settings on it though that I try to make full use of :)


cara said...

aww gorgeous puppy!

Michelle Kendrick Hartney said...

What a cute pup!!!