Sunday, 3 July 2011


Tiny snake
Tiny Snake
Pasty in the park
Pasty in the Park
Homemade bird deterrent
Bird Scarers
Pressie from dear friends
Beautiful Plates

A few pictures from this last week or so. I saw my first grass snake, a little baba one! My friend found it just hanging out in the car park at the stables. It is quite a rarity to see one since they are notoriously shy and apparently even play dead if they are disturbed. Clever things they are...

Mark and I also set to work de-weeding our field of a garden. Neither of us are very green fingered (I am the woman who managed to kill a cactus after all, yes, I am THAT BAD at this stuff) but I actually quite enjoy the slash and burn approach to gardening that we have developed. I discovered a strawberry plant in the undergrowth and made a bird deterrent for my other strawberries. There is a cheeky blackbird that keeps munching them before I can get to them. Not any more, ha haa!

The plant in this last picture is amazing...we found it amongst the weeds. It kind of looks a bit 'Little Shop of Horrors' before it opens, but then it flowers this beautiful flower that lasts for a day before all of the petals fall off. The bees love it! - E D I T: Turns out that after a little investigating (and the brilliant plant knowledge of my friend Gemma) that it is an Opium Poppy. Mystery solved...

In other news I have some very limited edition pieces that I am adding the the shop at the moment such as these butterfly pendants...have a look in the shop to see more...
Sweet Butterfly Pendant


cara said...

haha, i enjoy a snake that plays dead! lovely photos, looks like you've had a great week!

Laura Cameron said...

Tee hee, I scrolled down too quickly and wondered why a pasty was a bird deterrent!