Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Illustrated Lockets are here!

New Lockets!
Well finally, after giving you some little peeks I have got my new Illustrated Lockets in the shop! Hurrah!

I have been trying for a long time to incorporate my drawings and paintings into my jewellery in a way that is a little different than the usual methods, and I finally found a way that I am very pleased with...I'd love to know which are your favorites?!

Have a look see in the shop HERE! They have their own dedicated section and all.
Illustrated Lockets
I have also been rooting through my HUGE stash of charms and beads as well and have found a little handful of these tiny, tiny lockets which have been adorned with vintage flowers. They are also in the shop and are a snip at £9:50...a little treat for someone special perhaps? I have lockets on the brain at the moment, can't get enough of their little hinged forms...!
Tiny Tiny Locket


ouestladiscotheque said...

These are really very beautiful! I am definitely going to keep your shop in mind for future present shopping, it is all so wonderful!
- Charlotte

Anonymous said...

For me its a tie betwix the cat face and the red flowers.
So pretty!

Lesley said...

The cat with the leaves is by far my fav one, love it!

Anonymous said...

They look fab :) I think my favourite would have to be the red flowers on black :D

Lee May Foster-Wilson said...

Thank you all! The little cat seems to be proving a popular fellow indeed!

Anna said...

Oops, I just bought four of them! Couldn't decide! I think I like the night sky one best, if I had to choose.

Siren London said...

I really like these pendants, so quaint. Lockets, agreed are really sweet. xx