Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A long overdue Lately...

It has been a very long time since I posted a 'Lately...' post here hasn't it?! A number of reasons have prevented me from doing this, not least the breaking down of my computer a few weeks ago (it has since been written off, woes!) and although I have everything backed up it just hasn't been convenient for me to sort through my pictures yet.

However, I have recently joined the IPhone hordes and while I haven't abandoned my beloved camera (far from! I may even have to post a second Lately post of those pics too...) I have been merrily snapping away with Instagram and thought I'd share a few of those pictures from the last few weeks with you of the wonderful Indian summer, screen printing with the kids at Brannel School, beautiful foggy mornings we've been having and of course animals!

Blue skies and a bee Screen printing with the kids at Brannel school Fog... Roses Fog... Early morning Enjoying the Indian summer! Portholland Portholland The beau and I... October paddle Pia and the cows... Sleepy catamaline!

^^How funny is that last picture?!!^^


CJW said...

lovely photos and the cat is just too cute! :)


Sally said...

What beautiful photos. I would be totally interested in buying some of these images as postcards!!!

Paper Moon said...

really cute snaps.