Monday, 16 August 2010

29 Project: Days 83 - 86

A weekend update!

29 project: Days 83 - 86...

Day 83: Friday 13th August - Thankfully nothing Friday the 13th-like happened today for me! We had a Friday night in and I got on with a new's a part way peek:
Day 83 - Painting at night

Day 84: Saturday 14th August - A quiet Saturday night home alone! After exercising three horses during the day, I found myself so tired by the evening I poured myself a beer, flopped out on the sofa, and watched a missed episode of Mistresses on IPlayer...Rawk n roll, eh?
Day 84 - Mistresses

Day 85: Sunday 15th August - Dressage with Pia...We had a better outing than last time (no rodeoing, hurray!) and despite a bit of spooking at the judges box we came away with a decent score and a red rosette! (Mark took this picture for me...)
Day 85 - Dancing Pia

Day 86: Today - Monday 16th August - Big courgette. In fact, HUGE courgette. Home grown and given to us by our landlords. I made a nice dhal with it. Yum.
Day 86 - Big Courgette

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