Saturday, 7 August 2010

29 Project: Days 74 - 76

I have completed a new painting that will soon be available in the shop! It will also be available as an archival print...

'Herd' Gouache on Wood:

I also have an update of the 29 project for you, days 74 - 76:

Day 74: Wednesday 4th August - Fashion Mate. This sewing machine is kind if on permanent loan to me from Mark's mum and it's ace. It was sold by Singer in the 1960's apparently and this particular one is still going's easy enough for me to use anyway! Lauder horse managed to break his rug so I set to work patching it up. I hope my rudimentary sewing skills last!
Day 74 - Fashion Mate
Day 75: Thursday 5th August - Cake Practice. Yes, that is bright pink sponge mix you can see, yummers! I am not very good at baking and require a practice before I make something new for an occasion...I will be posting pics of the "actual, for realz" cake soon...
Day 75 - Cake Practice
Day 76: Friday 6th August - Butterfly Remote. There are so many butterflies around at the moment. Loves them!
Day 76 - Butterfly Remote
More soon folks, have a great weekend!

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Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

That painting is wonderful.