Monday, 9 August 2010

29 Project: Days 77 - 79

Here's a little update of the weekend's shenanigans for was a busy but very fun one for me, I hope everyone else had a good 'un!

Days 77 - 79:

Day 77: Saturday 7th August - Monster Cake! I am going to show you two pictures for today...the first is Saturday's actual picture, a just finished monster of a cake which I spent most of Saturday afternoon making for my friend's birthday bash that evening. I don't bake often, hence the practice needed earlier in the week, but this one came out gooood. Please ignore the absolute mess I made in the cake baking process. Sprinkles EVERYWHERE!
Day 77 - Monster Cake

...and here are it's innards the morning after we gobbled half of it! I had wanted to make a rainbow cake for ages and this was the perfect occasion. It made for brilliant birthday fodder being all rainbow-like and so ginormous and I am so pleased I actually managed to bake a cake that was not only edible but enjoyably so. Ha!
Day 77 - Rainbow

Day 78: Sunday 8th August - Little Pony. An afternoon trip to Tregony Heavy Horse show was the perfect way to spend the day after the birthday celebrations...creatures galore, ice cream, carvery, beer and sunshine! (There are more pics featuring an actual heavy horse and a huge dog over at my Flickr too...)
Day 78 - Little Pony

Day 79: Monday 9th August - New Shoes! I couldn't resist these half price bargains and they arrived today. Nice!
Day 79 - New Shoes

That's all for now, apart from a little heads up to let you know that prints of my Herd painting (see here!) are now available for purchase in the one HERE!

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Teasemade said...

OH MY Lee May what a fab cake!!! i am in total awe of your rainbow skills, that's just cake excitement. nice work.

dawn said...

Wow! I have never seen a cake like it :)

Anonymous said...

That cake is AMAZING! I couldn't contain my excitement went I saw it! Yum! xx

Emma said...

I'm going to HAVE to try and make one of those cakes, perhaps on smaller scale in cupcake cases though x

Lee May Foster-Wilson said...

He he, thanks all :) It wasn't the most technically correct cake with it's wonky layers etc, but it didn't half taste good!

Lulu and the Locket said...

oh my that looks incredible, can you tell me how you get the rainbow effect with food colourings, what do you do? p.s love your work, you are so talented missy! xx

Lee May Foster-Wilson said...

Hello Lulu! It was really easy, I made enough cake mix for 6 layers and then divided them up and coloured each with liquid food colour.
I baked them all in separate cake tins and then layered them with some apricot and plum jam in between and iced the lot with was delish!
The reaction from the party guests was ace, I thoroughly recommend having a go at it :)