Tuesday, 3 August 2010

29 Project: Days 68 - 73

Before I crack on with what is quite a long 29 project update I just wanted to give a heads up that I have a Summertime sale time discount going for ya: Enter SUMMERYAY at checkout to receive 20% off any order over £10 until August 15th...Hurrah!

So, 29 Project: Days 68 - 73...

Day 68: Thursday 29th July - Cats and Books...I found these strange critters while having a look around the amazing house that my friends Gemma and Ben were getting married in that very same day. I found them very intriguing. We had a wonderful time and congrats Gemma and Ben!!!Day 69: Friday 30th July - Pennies. For Mark's mama's birthday dinner we went to the Bolingey Inn which is a very lovely little pub near Perranporth in North Cornwall. Mark took this pic for me as he found this curious display of coins on the windowsill in the gents...Day 70: Saturday 31st July - Beth. At a lovely barbecue with buddies I met Beth...Day 71: Sunday 1st August - Oh hello August, nice and grey. So grey in fact you have no horizon.Day 72: Monday 2nd August - Clowning! FIRES! Pyrotechnics! Poster at the local shop.Day 73: Tuesday 3rd August - Today - Carrianne. This little pony used to be mine! She is the same age as me, 29, and she is still as bouncy and naughty as she ever was. Everyone loves her to bits!

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Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

Oh, that pony is adorable!